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the Butterflies live in all corners of the globe. This is an amazing creation and a special stage of insect life on which they amaze with their beauty and grace. In some tropical forests there are rare instances that have fantastic coloring and a great size – the true Paradise birds. The moths are active at any time of day: there are motley butterflies, mysterious twilight and the Royal night. Some butterflies are even able to make sounds, scaring away predators in the wild.

the butterfly is like a flower, only animated. In Ancient Rome it was believed that the butterfly is a flower petal, which looked worn on the white light. Perhaps it is this feature turned the butterfly into a beautiful and romantic gift. Shipping live butterflies for actual surprises, gifts and all kinds of events – birthday parties, corporate events, fashion shows, weddings and other celebrations.Live butterflies buy (Kyiv) in our online shop of flowers and gifts Lepestki. Also You can find original accessories for the living gift – envelopes, gift boxes and other pleasant things.

an old legend says that butterflies convey our dreams to heaven, to God. Therefore, referring to butterflies, You can think about the most cherished and ask God to fulfill Your dreams. Many people of the world carry the butterflies to the elements of the love of paraphernalia and even identify with the hearts of lovers, so the butterfly depicted on the postcards, love letters and clothing. Particularly relevant shipping live butterflies for wedding. As we all know, традицияпосыпатьмолодоженовпшеницей, chocolates, rose Lepestki and coins takes its roots from ancient times. However, many modern brides are changing this tradition for a scenario with live butterflies. It is very fashionable to do the salute of tropical butterflies – to let the butterflies of one kind or contrast of colors and different sizes. Live fireworks gives the wedding celebration of some exotic guests and the couple feel like being on a distant tropical island surrounded by air, light and weightless butterflies. Besides, butterfly wedding paraphernalia broadcasts a bright and serene life to the newlyweds. In our online shop you can live butterflies buy (Kyiv) in a single copy in a beautiful branded box, and order a salute of tropical butterflies from three pieces.

Many of You may think that a live butterfly as a gift – not the best option. No doubt, it is not very cheap. However, a live exotic butterfly after you move into Your apartment for a long time will be pleasing to the eye the cheerful fluttering (depending on the type of butterflies live from two days to two weeks, the average is 7-10 days). The specialists of our shop will tell You how to keep pet at home: it is necessary to maintain certain temperature and humidity in the room and remember that butterflies eat fruit and sweet honey water. You also need to protect the butterfly from heaters, transparent glass surfaces (e.g., cover window, because the butterfly will seek the light and can damage the glass). Strictly forbidden to take a butterfly for the wings – You may damage them!

shipping live butterflies – original and exotic gift, which You give a favorite to know are ready for it at any feats and wonders. Buying colorful and moving butterfly, You give near and dear to the individual rainbow world, which will certainly find a place for You and excellent human relations.

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  • Лепестки 16.09.2015 14:48

    Уважаемая Марина, благодарим Вас за Ваши отзывы. Мы очень рады, что Вам все понравилось. Пусть Ваша доченька будет здоровой и счастливой. Фотографиями Вы можете поделиться на нашей страничке в фейсбуке "Интернет магазин цветов Лепестки". Всегда рады Вашим новым заказам. Спасибо.

  • Марина Рудакова12.09.2015 21:10

    Хочу высказать огромную благодарность всем сотрудникам магазина "Лепестки"за сказочный букет и волшебный салют из неповторимо красивых бабочек. Вы сделали незабываемым день рождение моей дочери и праздник не только для нее и для меня, но и для всех, кто был рядом с ней в этот день. Удачи вам!!! Любви!!! Продолжайте и дальше дарить людям сказку и хорошее настроение. Большое спасибо! (Очень красивые фотографии получились, но не удается вам их отправить...)

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