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It is no coincidence that for several centuries there has been a tradition of bringing flowers to the funeral and laying a mourning bouquet at the grave of the deceased. Coming to a funeral procession, no one forgets to buy a funeral wreath, because this is how we honor the memory of a deceased. After all, farewell – it is a sign of respect, sincere and endless love, unquenchable hope and eternal imperishable memory. So mourning floristry arose and took shape in a separate direction – Kyiv today offers impeccable decoration of funeral ceremonies, funeral processions and memorial events.

Accompaniment of mourning events with flowers is characteristic of many cultures, regardless of geographical location and level of economic development – they lay the mourning bouquet directly at the time of the funeral, use flowers to decorate the premises, and also express their feelings with the help of flowers on significant days and memorable dates related to the life of the deceased. Mourning is one of the most severe emotional states for the human soul. In such black minutes of pain and longing, flowers come to the rescue – they escort a person to the last journey, convey the subtlest impulses of the soul and a wide palette of feelings. Flowers for the funeral (mourning bouquet, basket or wreath) symbolize the immortality of the human soul, which leaves the earthly world and goes to another, full of light and peace.

Funeral floristry (Kyiv) obeys centuries-old religious canons and at the same time absorbs modern trends. For example, a classic round or oval wreath, which is associated with the infinity of being, can be replaced by an original composition in the shape of a cross, or you can buy a funeral wreath in the form of a heart, etc., a composition in the shape of a cross, etc. Color palette – no less important aspect of creating a floral composition. A funeral bouquet or wreath looks very impressive and solemn, made by mourning flowers traditional for ritual floristry – red, white and black. Mandatory element of the wreath is green, because green – it is a symbol of the eternal memory of loved ones, infinity and love. Since time immemorial, evergreens have been associated with the immortality of the soul. Our ancestors used various types of fragrant herbs at funeral ceremonies, many of which are unknown to mankind to this day. The most popular plant was juniper, which in modern floristry has been replaced by conifers.However, the main focus of the mourning composition remains fresh flowers, which possess the secret magic of symbolism. For example, red or burgundy roses mean a difficult life and the torments of the deceased, white roses, lilies and orchids symbolize the high spiritual world, purity, morality and nobility. Combining in composition and color scheme, plants acquire various semantic shades and form a complete ritual composition. A red rose is considered a symbol of martyrdom; violet, lily and a white rose are identified with moral purity.

To buy a funeral wreath supplemented with a ribbon is the right decision. The mourning ribbon with the inscription expresses the status and feelings of people who say goodbye to the deceased. Thus, they express the connection between the deceased and his relatives or friends & ndash; family, friends, colleagues, etc.

Florists of our online flower shop Lepestki are ready to perform an original mourning composition for a client, which is created in accordance with religious canons, rules of color and symbolism, and features of funeral ceremonies.

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