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A great idea for a floral gift is to order peony roses...
A great idea and the best choice of floral gift is ordering roses, specifically peony roses. Traditional rose flowers are, of course, beautiful, but if the soul asks for a particularly delicate, sophisticated and romantic flower, it makes sense to take a closer look at the flowers of the David Austin variety. They are charming in a bouquet, and therefore they gain the maximum number of votes in polls. This rose is now the undisputed favorite of sales - any professional delivery will tell you about it.
Today Kyiv offers to buy peony roses in almost every flower shop. Austin rose has the opportunity to choose any shade, degree of disclosure and, of course, buds, bouquets with any additions are available.
On the virtual showcase of the Lepestki store (actual address: Kyiv, Vasylkivska str.) in the section Bouquets of peony roses, bouquets of roses of different sizes, flowers in a box, and roses in a basket at different prices are presented. The range of goods, compositions, where roses are present, is huge. We will show you how to make the right choice of Austin's charming flowers - this popular flower product, and what are the advantages of ordering professional delivery of gifts from the Lepestki store (Kyiv).
Wedding bouquet of peony roses
Chic peony roses are equally well suited for traditional bridal bouquets and trendy wedding arrangements in which roses reign. Juicy colors of extraordinary bouquets of roses and the unique aroma of flowers will attract the attention of all guests. Admire the author's compositions of roses from the best florists of the city (Kyiv):
Wedding No. 20 of pale lilac peony roses;
Bridal #37 Austin Cream Rose;
Bridal bouquet No. 9 of the most delicate roses;
Bridal bouquet No. 76 with pink roses;
Marsala bridal bouquet.
What occasion are peony roses in boxes suitable for?
Today, at least one flower is unlikely to compare with peony roses in popularity. If the rose is considered the queen of flowers, then peony roses are adored by almost everyone. And the reason for this is the variety of varieties of roses, the unique shape and size of the buds, the aroma and the number of petals.
Flowers peony roses, as they say, are in trend, and if they are offered in a fashionable hat box, they acquire the status of an ultra sought-after product. At the same time, the reason for ordering peony roses can be absolutely anything, from the name day to the release in Drahomanov (Kyiv). In the second case, an enlarged composition is recommended (size, sorting matter!) With the maximum number of branches, flowers, rosebuds, for example:
Box with peonies and peony rose;
Mega-large box "Impression";
Composition of flowers "Precious";
Big box "Pink" (rose);
For romantic gifts, heart-shaped boxes are best:
Heart-shaped box with macaroons (d12cm);
Box with hydrangea and macaroons;
Composition in the form of a heart (11 roses);
Composition with peony rose.
If the occasion is insignificant, but you really want to please the addressee with roses, we recommend ordering a gift in a square box, where peony roses coexist with other queens of flowers, sweets, goodies:
"Big sweet box of mix roses and macaroons";
"A box with macarons and a multi-colored rose";
In what cases to give baskets with peony roses?
A basket, as a container for rose flowers (peony roses), already suggests a special occasion. Professional delivery of such gifts is required = no matter how many buds fit in the basket.
In any case, a basket where a rose reigns is already an application for a gift of the highest grade. Of course, the cost of such goods - gifts from peony roses, will be higher. Information about the price of a particular variety of peony roses is constantly presented on the Lepestkov website. And, of course, here you will find a detailed photo, where you can see in detail how this or that composition will look like.
Examples of peony roses in baskets:
Basket of flowers "Hilton";
"Delicate basket of roses."
Order and delivery of peony roses - what you need to know
Ordering begins with the choice of colors. The desired flower arrangement will be found most quickly using the "Search site" option (filter).
At Lepestki (Kyiv city), delivery is not only accurate and punctual, but in most cases it is free. Not a penny is added to the price of a bouquet (rose) if the delivery of a bud, composition is expected from 9:00 to 23:00 without an exact reference to the time of work.
Attention! Delivery of peony roses and related products, if one order is placed for a bouquet, flowers, compositions, any list of goods within the city (Kyiv), is invariably free. Only the cost of flowers (roses) + the price of additional goods is paid.
Is it possible to buy peony roses and save money?
Definitely YES! Especially if you place an order online for roses at any price, bouquets, compositions and, at the same time, order a bud delivery service. It saves not only precious time to choose a bouquet (a filter will help), but also money, because the Lepestki online store (Kyiv) offers free delivery for almost all bouquets with roses, compositions in which a peony rose flaunts. The price for luxurious peony roses in Petals is invariably justified.
The work schedule of the Lepestki online store (Kyiv), including the schedule for the delivery of flower gifts, is carefully thought out and focused on the consumer. Contact the administrator to order flowers, a bouquet, the number will help:
+38 044 257 19 61;
+38 063 451 36 03 (Viber);
+38 067 401 55 07 (WhatsApp, Telegram).
All contacts of the online store are listed here.
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