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Everyone knows and will agree that there is no more traditional gift than flowers. Presented with a bouquet of luxury fresh flowers are always appropriate, looks good and gives unforgettable emotions. Of the day this is an online boutique of flowers – is a professional and will treat Your wishes and will create a floral masterpiece for Your recipient. In our online store to arrange the delivery of flowers a pleasure – all very fast, high quality, original and not cliche. The freshness of flowers and professional Assembly is provided! Also, You can order decor flower arrangements – to arrange a house, apartment, cottage, office space and any other interior use live flowers.

But we're thrilled to have floral fashion develops. She does not stand still, and rapidly rushes forward, plunging all the rest into shock in the positive sense of the word. Today, was presented with a floral bouquet, the woman thinks how to put it into the water. And if it is in the restaurant or in any other room in collective holiday, it is a General problem. How to arrange flowers in the vase life, if you know that man does not love does not know how to care for plants in a vase. And without that plant life will not be long and colorful! But we want to present a quality and lasting gift... all these arguments from our online shop (an online boutique of flowers Petals) is one answer – see our collection of flowers in boxes and unpretentious, but infinitely beautiful potted plants. Not only with the colors You will be familiar – but with amazing macaroons, a favorite French sweets, evoke the charm of romance. In this interesting United balls-halves together is our cute colorful boxes with plants and greenery. We love the modern decor. And You? Then You will appreciate these lovely boxes of all shapes and sizes – round, rectangular, elegant hat... your cart in our store – that means to get the highest quality in insanely beautiful and modern packaging. Finally, as an alternative to classic packaging we can offer client's magnificent floral hat boxes and cylinders. Plants in them feel great and for a long time retain their freshness and beauty. They are easy to transport, no need to care (most often inside the box is the oasis, constantly feeding the flowers with moisture). No watering, just eternal pleasure! If Your fiancee loves the decor, floral arrangements, it certainly will appreciate such a gift.The original and bright box will be an invaluable gift for a loved one, with whom he can decorate his house and enjoy it.  In general, flowers in a box are a new trend that will certainly become your favorite gift trend.  If you want to make a strong impression, choose fresh flowers in a box with delicious macaroons.  This is a wonderful, unusually gentle and feminine dessert, which is prepared on the basis of almond flour.  Such a box is a caress for look and taste, something special, doomed to success.  If you decide to arrange flower delivery in our online store, feel free to choose the box that is most suitable for your occasion or recipient: round, rectangular, cylindrical hat, passionate in the shape of a heart and intricate in the form of a box.  Each of them will become a box of pleasant memories and emotions!  Do you want a box?  Well, we will draw up for you any floral arrangement, exclusive or collected by analogy with those provided in the gallery on the site.  The choice is always yours!

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