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Today, one of the most popular trends in flower arranging are the flowers in the hat boxes. This bouquets of flowers, but not ordinary and original, in an unusual performance. Instead of the traditional paper wrapper such structures are placed in exquisite boxes from a design cardboard, decorated with the most bizarre and beautiful materials – lace, ribbons, satin, pearls, beads and stones. Our online boutique flower Petals are sparing no expense decor and talents of their florists, so our flowers in the hat boxes, the most elegant and solemn. These original containers for flowers can be round and cylindrical, tiny and huge. But most importantly – is that they always look elegant and beautiful! Thus, the hatbox as the subject of floral art is causing a genuine delight of the recipients, creates an atmosphere of bright celebration with a magical mood.

As the flowers in the hat boxes – is a fashionable trend in the world of floristry, our online boutique of flowers gives them due attention. We collect manually every each bouquet, choosing every flower and blade of grass. Afterwards, he will have a unique vessel - signature hatbox, which wonderfully complements the image of stylish gift, floral exclusive. With such a design is the gift to buy a hat box of flowers (Kyiv, Petals) becomes a necessity in anticipation of the holiday or important event. And with the efforts of our florists, You will get the most relevant, spectacular and emotional box, which will fully display Your inner world and intentions towards the receiver. For example, a perfect gift in a unique box will be a lovely spring tulips – a colleague, luxurious peonies or orchids – business partner, loved by mums – mother, iris – grandma and sister… And the roses in a big box just created in order to plunge into the world dizzying love Your woman! In short, our online boutique of flowers is ready to offer You various solutions for any occasion and person. After all, gorgeous rolled flowers in a cute hat box, no doubt, will satisfy even the most demanding person.

Our flowers in hat boxes – a rich collection of the most diverse in style and décor flower arrangements. If You contact us, we will create for You the most original gift designed for a specific person in a specific situation. What can be done with hat boxes, offered by our online boutique of flowers? You have the ability to give joy and delight your dear person, to Express love to your significant other, to apologize, to show respect for the business partner and the customer, to demonstrate an element of the corporate style of the company, etc. Due to the fact that our hat boxes are bright, decorated with luxurious lace and ribbons with pebbles, they will be a good gift and center of attention at the gala event, including Birthday, anniversary and wedding.

our hat boxes have a variety of advantages over traditional bouquet. Follow the latest fashion trends, we strive to make the gift of song as convenient and mobile. To do this, we put the varietal roses, peonies and tulips, delicate spray roses and alstromeria with eustoma in a fancy hat boxes with floral oasis, prolonging their lives. Roses in big box look amazing! Thanks to a comfortable pack, loyal to the movement, flowers in the hat boxes can be present in even the most unexpected moment. The recipient does not need to puzzle over how to deliver the flowers home in one piece. But the main thing – buy a hat box of flowers (Kyiv, Petals) beautiful and fashionable!

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