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Today, bouquets for the bride are an indispensable attribute and accessory of the image of the main queen of this fabulous and long-awaited celebration. Therefore, choosing wedding bouquets, you need to think through all the details in advance. It should look perfect in combination with a dress and hairstyle. In order for everything to be harmonious and beautiful, our online flower shop is pleased to offer you a wide variety of compositions that will perfectly complement the image of the bride and become an excellent decoration. With us you can order and buy anything you want. However, if you did not find what you were looking for, do not despair. Our experienced designers and florists will do everything to realize your own ideas and create unique bouquets for the bride. Make the whole of Kyiv look at you with enchanted looks.

Traditional wedding flowers – these are roses and lilies of a gentle white shade. In ancient times, wreaths were made from them, which   put on the heads of the newlyweds. Today, modern trends have not changed much, and classic wedding bouquets, as a rule, are made up of roses, carnations and camellias. However, our online flower shop is ready to amaze you with its original ideas, and offer wedding flowers such as gerberas, daffodils, lilies of the valley, forget-me-nots and many others for the composition.We will help to create a unique bouquet of the bride, which will not only harmoniously fit into the overall image, but will also make you a real center of global attention, and Kyiv will be amazed to wonder what kind of beautiful princess is celebrating her wedding.

Despite the fact that great attention is paid to the wedding bouquet, few people today know that the tradition of decorating the bride with flowers came to us from distant antiquity, when magical properties and qualities were attributed to various plants. For example, wisteria has always been considered a symbol of poetry and youth, while camellia personified the delight of the bride. Daisy has always been a symbol of tenderness and innocence.

There are cases when the bride’s bouquet consisted of garlic and other herbs that had a rather pungent odor. He was woven into the hair of a girl. It was believed that such a bouquet is able to drive away evil spirits. In ancient Greece, ivy was used more often, which   symbolized eternal love and devotion, in Spain it was impossible to imagine a bride´s bouquet without a sprig of citrus.

However, over time, the technique and method of composing compositions, like floristry itself, underwent various changes and improved. Today, Kyiv can see the result of such development in our online store, where you can use a number of different services aimed at giving people happiness and making your life easier. On our site you can easily and simply order a service such as flower delivery or just buy the bouquet you like. In order to use the services of our florists, you will need only a few minutes. Simply choose your favorite composition or use a service such as flower delivery without leaving your home. This will be a wonderful surprise and give a lot of positive emotions to loved ones and relatives. Now they will know that they are truly loved and appreciated.

Wedding – This is one of the most important moments in the life of the newlyweds. However, it is the girls who are waiting for this day with special trepidation. That is why we need to do our best to ensure that this event takes place at the highest level. To do this, it is important to think through every detail and detail. We will help you with this and make you a real princess, whom Kyiv has not seen in its lifetime!

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