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Ordering eustoma is the best solution if you need flowers with a special mood
Eustoma is a delicate, refined, cut-resistant flower. For at least three weeks, a professionally assembled bouquet of eustomas will delight the owner with freshness and attractiveness. Outwardly, the half-opened lisianthus (the second name of the eustoma flower) looks like a rose, but this is a different plant. Due to the similarity with the traditional queens of flowers, professionals, ordinary buyers, when placing an order, sometimes call these flowers - "Irish rose". Not only admirers of roses, but also lovers of poppies, which Lisianthus is so similar to when the bud is fully opened, adore these flowers for their persistence in a bouquet.
What are they?
Eustomas have graceful, strong stems, reminiscent of carnation stems. A luxurious branch of eustoma can be a meter long, and the number of buds on it can reach 35! Sometimes a branch of eustoma is a bouquet of eustoma that is self-sufficient in filling.
About colors
In Ukraine, it means not only Kyiv, but also every major city, today it is easy to buy compositions from Irish roses:
    • yellow-green;
    • pale blue;
    • purple;
    • purple;
    • purple;
    • pink;
    • blue;
    • whites.
In the online store "Lepestki" eustoma of all the listed shades is available all year round on favorable delivery terms. Luxurious and one-color lisianthus, and eustoma flowers with a contrasting frame around the edges of the cups.
The choice of bouquets from eustoma in the online store "Lepestki" is huge. Flowers for compositions are selected by florists the freshest. Cut eustoma is supplied to Kyiv from domestic producers and from foreign greenhouses. The price of a bouquet of eustoma depends on logistics, delivery conditions.
Available all year round in the online store "Lepestki" eustoma. You can buy (Kyiv or Sputnik city - the place of delivery of flowers - it doesn’t matter) exquisite flowers around the clock.
Online store "Lepestki" is proud of the accurate, punctual delivery of bouquets of eustoma in Kyiv. In addition, the company's florists offer "turnkey" decor from eustoma for any theme of events (in Ukraine).
Cases when the best choice of flowers is to buy eustoma
Eustoma flower is the best choice for birthdays and any occasion. These colors do not have a pronounced symbolism.
Wedding bouquet from eustoma
Today, Kyiv, and any other city in Ukraine, deliberately refuses large-scale wedding ceremonies. Only the closest relatives and friends are invited to the celebration. As a result, the details become much more important. We are talking about the traditional bouquet of the bride, the groom's boutonniere, and the decoration of the ceremony venue with flowers. The latter are desirable the same as in the bride's bouquet.
Let's talk about the wedding potential of eustomas. Traditional rose, peony, calla lilies in wedding bouquets are luxurious, but if you want an exclusive bridal bouquet with delivery, you should consider a eustoma bouquet. Eustoma "rewards" the compositions with a special charm, attractiveness. We advise you to pay attention to such a bouquet of eustoma as:
    • aristocratic-luxurious bridal bouquet No. 35, where snow-white eustoma reigns;
    • colorful and life-affirming bridal bouquet No. 13;
    • white and blue wedding bouquet No. 63;
    • refined bridal bouquet No. 83.
Eustoma delivery to loved ones
Maintaining romance in a relationship is not easy. Floral surprises from eustoma for a birthday, March 8, and just like that for a harmonious union will definitely not be superfluous. Making an order on the Lepestkov website for eustoma with delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine is elementary simple. To clarify, an order in an online store for a bouquet of eustoma is processed in a matter of minutes, and its delivery is invariably punctual. It has been verified that unexpected flower surprises with professional delivery of flawless flowers can magically correct misunderstandings in a relationship, return passion.
Eustoma in boxes
Hatboxes are especially in demand for sensual bouquets, in which eustomas coexist with other flowers:
    • Large box of flowers "Tenderness of colors";
    • "Luxury";
    • "Marshmallow";
    • "Marianna";
    • "Ocean";
    • "Rozze".
    • Each similar order of flowers can be "enhanced" by any gift from the "Additional Gifts" section of the "Lepestki" online store. The choice of such a tandem with delivery is especially recommended if you are choosing a present for your birthday, March 8, etc.
Baskets with eustoma
For whom?
Baskets where eustoma reigns are magnificent! Moreover, the choice of such colors is relevant for everyone. Unlike roses, this plant does not carry a love connotation.
For what reason?
Most baskets are designed for a large number of buds and are designed for special occasions - congratulations to anniversaries, significant achievements, merits. Good examples:
    • Large basket of flowers "Compliment";
    • Basket of fresh flowers "Good morning".
However, if desired, in the "Lepestki" you can place an order for a laconic basket, where eustoma also flaunts.
Eustoma and astrology
Do you trust astro forecasts? Then the advice of astrologers about the best choice of eustoma will definitely not be superfluous. For solemn dates, important events, place an order for eustomas in the Petals online store.
Aries + bouquet of eustoma
Choose eustoma juicy shades.
Taurus + Lisianthus
The best choice is a hat box with flowers.
Twins and Irish Roses
A multi-colored bouquet where eustoma reigns.
Crayfish and bouquet of eustoma
It is important that the bouquet has a “soul”, and the eustoma enchants.
Lions and Lisianthus
A bouquet of eustomes is desirable with ostentatious luxury.
Virgins and lisianthus compositions
Eustoma should be the recipient's favorite color!
Scales and Irish Roses
In the priority of eustoma with a contrasting border of petals.
Scorpions and bouquets of eustoma
A chic complex bouquet is recommended, where eustoma is an accent.
Sagittarians and Irish Roses
The condition is the splendor of the composition + the brightness of the tones.
Capricorns and Eustoma
In priority single-color bouquets.
Aquarius and compositions from eustoma
Professionally assembled bouquet of cold shades.
Fish and Irish Roses
Bouquet of "aquatic" colors.
Eustoma - flowers of extraordinary beauty, real aristocrats of showcases of flower shops. Buying eustoma in Kyiv as a gift to an important, dear person is always a good choice!


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