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Human life is emotional, diverse, and unpredictable. In it, just like in Ukrainian folk embroidery, white, red and black are interwoven. Love leaves a deep and long trace, joy inspires wonderful actions, and pain, unfortunately, makes the heart beat faster and suffer. The worst thing – it is to lose loved ones. Nothing can quench your thirst for another person – no words, no hugs, no flowers. We come to the funeral with the strongest emotions and feelings that we are trying to express. Of course, flowers do not soften the pain of loss, but are the best means of expressing feelings. Perhaps for this reason a tradition was born to lay a mourning bouquet or basket on the grave of the deceased. Flowers funeral – this sincere desire will express its respect and love for the person, to lead him on the last journey “ messengers ” heaven.

Buying a funeral wreath today is not difficult, since funeral floristry (Kyiv) has become an independent and large-scale direction. As a rule, mourning or ritual compositions have a number of features that every professional flower delivery knows about. The first is form. Mourning bouquet is often one-sided for the convenience of laying on the grave. However, classic round and oblong vertical bouquets are very common. Flowers of burial have a special decoration and design. To compose a ritual composition (bouquet, basket, wreath, etc.), ribbons (most often white, dark red and black), floral paper of discreet pastel colors can be used. The external design of the bouquet must obey the motives of restraint, however, it is the flowers that represent the emotional accent.

Funeral floristry (Kyiv) takes its roots from the basics of color and symbolism. Therefore, the choice of the color palette of plants is absolutely not accidental. It is considered relevant to buy a funeral wreath of red and white flowers. However, in fact, in the Christian world, ritual floristry is based on the use of five colors – red, white (it is also identified with blue), pink (the whole palette up to lilac), green, yellow (all shades, including gold) and, of course, black. The flowers of the burial of red color symbolize God´s love for man, earthly life, full of difficulties and barriers. The pink color in the Christian religion represents the Garden of Eden. Green, without which not a single mourning bouquet can do, is a symbol of life, development, renewal and grace. Warm and sunny yellow and / or golden – it is a divine light symbolizing nobility, regality and dignity. White or sky-blue flowers are presented as a symbol of purity and spiritual beauty. Black color mourning floristics (Kyiv, Ukraine and the whole world) personifies with great sadness and sorrow.

So, our online flower shop Lepestki creates original mourning compositions & ndash; wreaths, bouquets and baskets that perform important emotional and aesthetic functions at mourning ceremonies. When composing a bouquet, it is important to always remember that the number of colors must be even. This tradition takes its roots from hoary antiquity & ndash; then even numbers were considered to be a symbol of the completeness of human life, death and evil.

Do not know what flowers to order a funeral bouquet of? We recommend, if possible, to make a bouquet of the deceased person’s favorite flowers or to independently choose the composition of the composition, guided by his emotional state and the desire to say goodbye to the person. Our flower delivery offers many luxurious bouquets of various shapes from roses, gerberas, callas, gladioli, lilies, anthurium and viburnum.

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