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Today, everyone knows that there is no more traditional gift than fresh flowers: online flower delivery, private buyer, a shop flower delivery and other interested parties. To present a bouquet of flowers is appropriate in any situation, they can be pricked and look solemn. Particularly relevant in recent years floral gifts which are compact, convenient to give, durable, interestingly decorated. Our delivery bouquets Petals due attention to the modern trend of floristry – flowers in boxes on order. It is no less attractive than the bouquet of fresh flowers, with a crazy flavor, just in a box. Freshly cut flowers are added in the vivid and enchanting, gentle and noble box. Form our unique packaging can be very diverse – and square, and oval. You can also order flowers in boxes custom: they serve as a stylish planter from the highest quality materials, elegant hat boxes, come from the romantic France. Our beautiful boxes contain not only flowers, but sweet compliments that make Your life and the lives of Your loved ones brighter, more colorful, warmer. Thanks to the impeccable design of our gifts you can give open or closed. The main thing – it´s what´s inside the beautiful shell of Your loved ones expect sweet treats and fragrant flowers, which emit the most tender and sincere, genuine feelings. The flowers in the boxes to order in closed form, represent a bold surprise…

In our collection on the website shows the different types of gift sets with flowers and sweets. In a neat and elegant boxes are fragrant spray roses and roses Dutch elite varieties, a fabulous variegated orchids, from which emanates the exotic, spicy white, spring tulips, Queen of the autumn Proms-the chrysanthemums and other beautiful flowers. Surrounded by flowers, a sweet surprise looks especially tasty – they can be colorful macaroons taste amazing, warm gingerbread shaped funny, sweets and other confectionery surprises. Sometimes our shop delivery flower creates fantastic compositions using chaotic and careless elements, concluding notes the magic of Provence in a stylish and elegant box.

If You want to give gift status, note the flowers in the boxes on the macaroons. This delicious dessert – is a native French romance and the best of European confectionery traditions. It´s colored delicacy made of protein air foam and almond flour with the icing sugar. Cute macaron will be the perfect sweet addition to a Cup of your favorite coffee, hot tea or just the beginning of a good day. Macaron beautifully Packed in a designer box with a fabulous carpet of flowers – they become an expression of Your tender feelings, as well as the unofficial symbol of beauty, youth and success. Another way to decorate the gray days and to escape from the winter cold – to order flowers in boxes with a Jolly gingerbread or almond cookies. These interesting confections custom shapes (stars, snowflakes, hearts, butterflies, etc.) is a delicious and spectacular to look at, they will decorate any family holiday or a romantic celebration. Choose for your loved ones original surprises, smartly packaged, impeccably decorated and simply impossible delicious! Our store is a flower delivery will help You to give a luxurious gift, showing your taste and a special relationship for a special person. This can be a business partner, colleague, loved woman, mom, Your friends! We always use individual approach to each client, help to pick up the only gift which is able to perform the feat and push the mountain. You will enjoy fast shipping, caring and helpful consultants, couriers, reasonable prices that don´t bite.

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  • Лепестки 07.05.2018 10:33

    Спасибо, Елена, за хороший отзыв, мы рады, что Вы высоко оценили наш сервис.

  • Елена04.05.2018 15:08

    Спасибо за профессионализм и заботу. Все было на высшем уровне. Мы нечаянно дали другой номер квартиры, курьер спокойно перезвонил, все выяснил и заказ был доставлен очень быстро. Именинница осталась в восторге и от оформления и от сладостей!

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