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Each country in the world has its own peculiarities of attitude to such realities of life as the birth of a child, birthday, wedding. And such a sad phenomenon as the end of human life or death is no exception. After death, the deceased’s body is dealt with differently depending on religion and culture – some people cremate the deceased, and some arrange dances with the body of the deceased, mummify, bury them while sitting, and even give them to be torn to pieces by vultures.Our Christian traditions provide for the burial of the deceased into the earth and farewell to him & ndash; close, relatives, friends and acquaintances come to take the person on their last journey and lay a wreath of fresh flowers or an emotional mourning bouquet at his grave. However, despite all the differences and contradictions of the funeral rituals, no one canceled the forgiveness of the deceased. It´s just that every country and every person does it in their own way. Someone comes to the funeral as a wedding (in many provinces of Indonesia), and someone in tears of grief is trying to buy a funeral wreath or order a funeral bouquet.

Ritual floristry today is developing in many directions & ndash; vivid and artificial flowers adorn the portrait of the deceased, farewell, grave, tombstone, etc. Depending on the wishes of the client and the features of the funeral ceremony, you can buy a funeral wreath, basket, bouquet and other ritual compositions. Made in accordance with the specific features of funeral floristics, a basket of flowers will express the whole spectrum of your feelings and decorate the farewell ceremony. A wreath of fresh flowers, formed from living vegetation and a professional floristic basis, will become a worthy floral element of a funeral ceremony or memorial dinner.

In our online flower shop Lepestki (exquisite and exclusive ritual floristry) you can purchase strict and at the same time incredibly emotional mourning baskets and compositions. You can always order a card with words from the heart, a mourning ribbon (standard from the assortment or to order according to your wishes), as well as use our flower delivery service if you can’t attend in person and want to express your respect and love .

Funeral bouquet & ndash; A great way to express your feelings about leaving a person’s life. Recently, baskets of fresh flowers and unusual fantasy compositions have become extremely relevant. As a rule, such flower products are compact, strict and restrained, effective. Important advantage – high durability. If our florists use chrysanthemums and carnations to create a composition, then this composition retains its original appearance and unsurpassed freshness even longer.

Our site presents a wide range of funeral and funeral compositions. And although the classical approach involves the execution of bouquets of roses, carnations and lilies, our florists are always original in their choice. Graceful purple calla lilies, snow-white gerberas, lilac veronica, skimia, lush blue hydrangea, alstroemeria, orchid Dendrobium – all these and many other flowers make the composition simply unique and extremely sensual. At the same time, we always add fresh green decor – coniferous twigs (a symbol of eternal life), palm leaves and other plants. Hypericum, pittosporum, leucadendron can be used as decor. Our ritual floristry includes original compositions in the form of a huge heart of red-white roses and gerberas, elegant vertical bouquets of roses, alstromeries and greenery. In any case, we will pick up the most beautiful and noble wreath of fresh flowers, an original composition in a basket and an inimitable mourning bouquet!

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