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Flower delivery in a box is an absolute hit…
Delivery of flowers in a box is an absolute hit of the modern floristic chart. Why? There are several serious arguments at once in favor of buying flowers in a box for UAH or by bank transfer. Here are just a few of them:
    • trendiness of compositions in a hat box;
    • a wide range of types of boxes, available filling in the form of various additional products, prices (from several hundred UAH to several thousand UAH for a bouquet of flowers in a box);
    • hassle-free delivery of flowers in a box (for those who decide to buy a bouquet in the Lepestki salon, professional flower delivery will not cost a single UAH - the price of the service is often 0 UAH);
    • ease of subsequent care of the flowers in the box.
And now let's consider each of these advantages (from different prices in UAH, at which you can buy flowers in a box to simple delivery in Kyiv) further.
Buy flowers in a box - the most fashionable solution
Buying flowers in a box is the most fashionable decision you can make today to please those you really love and (or) respect with a floristic surprise. The fact is that literally immediately after the appearance of flower arrangements in a box, such bouquets became an unconditional bestseller and immediately gained unconditional love and popularity in Kyiv and other cities of the world.
The trend of the composition in the box was provided by social networks. So, every self-respecting fashionista considered it necessary to buy for personal UAH or receive a similar bouquet of flowers as a gift. Further, the flower present was necessarily photographed, and within the very near future, a photo with flowers in a box in the best possible way appeared in the profile of the beauty. Of course, such photos immediately collected “hearts”, and the flowers themselves in the box became welcome presents for all fashion-conscious ladies.
Outcome? All fashion sessions are required to order roses or other flowers in a box for the hero of the occasion. At the same time, the larger the event and the more you want to please the lady, the more luxurious flowers for more UAH you need to buy and present.
Order flowers in a box and make no mistake
Buying a bouquet of flowers in a box for UAH or by bank transfer and not making a mistake means choosing the right floral arrangement, taking into account:
    • composition size;
    • the form of the composition;
    • box height;
    • filling the box;
    • to whom such a present is addressed;
    • who will give a bouquet in a box;
    • feature of delivery of bouquets of this type;
    • the price of a bouquet in a box (UAH) and the method of payment (UAH cash or bank transfer).
And now, on each of these points, which should be taken into account when placing an order for flowers in a box in UAH or another currency, we would like to dwell separately.
The size of the bouquet of flowers matters!
The size of a bouquet of flowers really matters a lot! Moreover, the rule that the larger the selected composition of flowers, the better, does not always work. Yes, on the one hand, if you want to buy a flower bouquet for an adult woman or man for UAH and make an indelible impression, the above rule can work. After all, the larger the size of the box, the more impressive, presentable such a bouquet usually looks. But in addition to the effect you want to produce by giving such flower gifts to women or men, you also need to take into account common sense, as well as the norms of good taste.
For example, good taste does not imply ordering large bouquets and, accordingly, for a large amount of UAH for a child. A little girl or a mischievous kid will look ridiculous next to an extra-large box (the exception is if it is a box with sweets or fruits). Buying a flower bouquet in a box for thousands of UAH is not worth it for a fragile woman if you go on a date with a lady. After all, your chosen one will not carry an armful of flowers with her then the whole evening. In the first and second cases, our experienced florists are willing to offer you a box-basket, modest in size and priced at UAH, which will look very, very impressive.
Another thing is if you need a composition of roses or other flowers for a marriage proposal, congratulations on an anniversary, presentation on stage to your favorite actor or singer, scientist, or in honor of congratulations on obtaining a scientific degree, graduation, etc. Already here a large size, on the contrary, is only welcome.
Whatever choice you make in the end, remember that the composition, the size of which is small, can and should be transferred to the culprit of the event directly into the hands. But if you decide to order a basket-box of impressive dimensions (the price in UAH of these is usually quite high), then in the process of presenting such flower bouquets it is customary to place them right at the feet of the recipient. Such a gesture looks very beautiful, and will not make a fragile lady bend under the weight of a beautiful hatbox of roses.
Choosing bouquets of flowers in a box according to the shape
If you decide to buy a basket-box of flowers for UAH or by bank transfer, then when ordering on the site, you will definitely need to first decide on the form of the composition. At the moment, our florists can offer customers to order and buy boxes:
    • round (the so-called traditional "hat boxes");
    • oval boxes;
    • rectangular boxes;
    • square boxes;
    • boxes of complex broken shape;
    • heart shaped boxes.
What kind of box is better to buy by bank transfer or for UAH? If you are placing an order for a basket-box for your loved one, then the last option will be ideal. In other cases (you decide to buy a composition for just a familiar, respected, dear person), you can safely choose bouquets in round and oval boxes for ladies, and rectangular and square ones for gentlemen.
Which box is better to buy - low or high?
We advise you to buy a tall box for non-cash or UAH cash if you want to purchase a box-basket filled exclusively with flowers. Whereas it is more reasonable to buy a low box for UAH if you choose an option filled not only with plants, but also with sweets, berries, and fruits. There are also options with filling, in addition to flowers, and in the form of other goods: from alcoholic drinks for men to toys for children. If you want to buy just such a box for UAH, then choose the low option on the website in the appropriate section (easy navigation and sorting will help you choose the ideal option for UAH).
How to buy a box with the right content for UAH?
Perhaps the most important thing when placing an order on the site is to buy a box for UAH (this is also true if you want to buy a basket) with the correct content. If we mean only boxes with flowers, then they can be divided into compositions with:
    • exclusively floral content;
    • a combination of floristic and non-floristic components.
Bouquets with only flowers (roses, peonies, lilies, etc.) are good for weddings, first dates, discharge from the maternity hospital. You can buy them for UAH for ladies on a diet (there can be any reason) and in general for any event that involves the delivery of a not too familiar addressee. In general, such a flower order is more versatile.
But if you want to buy a composition of roses, peonies or orchids with additional edible or inedible elements for bank transfer or UAH, then it is more reasonable to choose such a present for a well-known addressee. In this case, the probability that the addition to flowers will be chosen correctly for UAH (if a girl loves strawberries, we choose a bouquet with her; if a lady loves sweets, a paper box with sweets; if a man eats nuts, then it is reasonable to buy an option with them) and estimated much higher in value.
However, there is an exception to this rule. It's about seasonal offers. Inside paper boxes in this case, there are usually a lot of themed goods and seasonal flowers. This is a great option for any addressee and, in particular, an ideal corporate gift for a reasonable amount of UAH.
To whom to buy or who is the addressee?
Above, we have already briefly mentioned how to choose the right flower boxes for UAH. Now let's systematize the information already given above and add new information to it.
So, if the box is intended for a woman, then we choose the option of traditional female colors (pink, red, white, yellow, orange, burgundy), rounded shapes. The ideal flowers in a box here are rose, peony, hydrangea and others with delicate petals.
For a man, we advise you to buy for UAH a square or rectangular box, broken in "male" tones (black, blue, green, gray). We make an order for the delivery of a variant with traditional "male" flowers: iris, gladiolus.
For children, we recommend buying a box of gentle tones of blue, pink, white, filled with flowers of the same shades for UAH. For teenagers, Kyiv and its florists from the Petals salon offer to buy opposite, the option is very bright, catchy, with neon shades.
Of course, when placing an order on the site for UAH, it is important to understand that the above information is advisory in nature. If you, for example, know that a lady loves black and white irises, then for her it is quite possible to buy such a box for UAH. The delivery of a scarlet box full of passion, in which there is a scarlet rose, if red is his favorite color, will also be relevant. It is always a win-win idea to buy for a gourmet his favorite delicacies in a harmonious company with exquisite flowers, as well as to buy a bouquet-installation in the form of a favorite cartoon character for a baby.
Who is giving?
Do you want to buy a box of flowers for UAH and deliver it to the addressee personally, personally give it? Choose the box size that will fit inside your car.
However, when deciding to buy a box of flowers for UAH, you should take into account not only the dimensions of the car, but also your own dimensions. A fragile lady giving an equally fragile girl a huge box for a certain amount of UAH will not look too good. The same is true for the situation if a child gives an impressive box.
Delivery Feature
For those who decide to buy a box of flowers for UAH or by bank transfer on the site, we hasten to remind you that the delivery of most of the compositions is absolutely free (Kyiv and suburbs). If you want to buy and transport the composition personally, consider, as mentioned above, the size of the interior of your car. In addition, you should understand that taking flowers during rush hour to a remote area of ​​the capital (Kyiv) is not a good idea. Plants exposed to direct sunlight and/or high interior temperatures can quickly lose their original freshness. To prevent this from happening, it is wiser to buy flowers for UAH from professionals and also entrust professionals with their transportation, especially since professional delivery from Lepestki will not cost you a single UAH.
Price matters too
On our website, you can buy boxes of flowers for UAH at a variety of prices: from several hundred UAH to several thousand UAH per bouquet. What price is better? Of course, it all depends on the occasion for which the flower present is supposed, the status of the addressee in relation to you, and your own financial capabilities. For example, a composition for a beloved woman, mother or daughter can cost 2, 3, 5 thousand UAH. But to buy a composition for a work colleague, where the price does not reach a thousand UAH, is also a great option.
In addition, floral etiquette does not imply too chic composition for a first date, mind you. For your first meeting, it is better to buy a box, the price of which reaches one and a half thousand UAH. This is important so that your chosen one does not feel obligated because of the prohibitively high amount in UAH.
A few words about aftercare
Having decided to buy roses or any other flowers in a box for UAH or by bank transfer, you should find out at least a minimum of information about the features of caring for such a composition. So, the basic rules of care:
    • do not take flowers out of the box. The box in this case acts as a vase (you don’t need to buy a vase anymore - another plus in the piggy bank of the advantages of flowers in the box and saving UAH);
    • periodically check the moisture level of the floral sponge and, if necessary, water the flowers. To check the moisture level, you need to gently push the stems apart and touch the sponge with your fingertips. Add water (pour on the sponge itself) in case the fingers do not feel moisture;
    • we place the flowers not next to heating, air conditioning, not under direct rays and where there is no draft. Unwanted “neighbors”, if you decide to buy a box for UAH, are fruits, berries and vegetables.
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