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Flowers in boxes with delivery in Kyiv – warm and cosy, extremely soft bouquet enclosed in a pretty box with a modern design. Her love for the many benefits and spectacular appearance, which is why our flower shop created for the customers an extensive collection of gifts in boxes. Today we will talk about this gift as a square box, its contents and design. And, of course, will show You the most beautiful and worthy candidates “boxed extravaganza”.  Our flower shop chooses for its clients the best (“Petals”, our customers – the highest award for us). You can always buy from us beautiful, useful and inexpensive gift, which is made qualitatively and with taste. Further compliment – fast, free shipping!

What attracted the modern man a square box? At first glance it may seem that it is quite simple. But it´s exactly the opposite. Square cardboard box is a great alternative to the classic design of the floral bouquet paper. It´s light, compact, easy to transport. Cover that can be opened or closed with the presentation of the gift, protect the flowers from the stimuli of the environment and retains an important element of intrigue. Because each of us will be surprised to receive a lovely gift and calling to action box, inside which are the real surprises. First of all, we are talking about the flowers, alive and fragrant. Flowers in boxes with delivery in Kyiv have become a trend and elite modern gift, which is famous for a number of advantages compared with the traditional bouquet. As a rule, this bouquet should be put in a vase, to monitor the presence of water, sunlight, to protect from drafts, regularly processing the plant stems and the solution with water. Now all this does not need – comfort came into the world of floral fashion with the box for gifts! Our flower shop Petals (feedback confirmed our reputation) uses high quality made of beautiful materials, different colors box, inside which is placed the oasis or floral foam – such special sponge regularly moistened with water to supply the plants with necessary moisture. Thus, flowers in boxes with delivery in Kyiv turn out beautiful and even in durable and high quality gift!

Now let´s talk a little about the contents of our elegant and festive boxes. This original vessel square-shaped, our designers and florists place fresh flowers elite varieties, fluffy summer and all kinds of sweets. The Association of romantic flowers with a sweet delicious dessert (they can serve macaroons, gingerbread, chocolates) allows you to create useful, beautiful and logically completed gift. Among the maze of well pads and high-quality Dutch roses, Alstroemeria, different varieties of chrysanthemums are very resistant and luxurious, magical orchids lurk the real masterpieces of the culinary art, able to dispel autumn clouds and disperse the rain, warm from the snowy cold and to relieve depression. We recommend you to order flowers in boxes with delivery in Kyiv, adding their beautiful French variation on the theme of macaroon and macaroon. Bright colors and unforgettable sweets will give Your loved ones colorful emotions and feelings. Our florists will help You to choose the most beautiful and the most appropriate box, and professionally posted on the oasis is an incredibly long time to maintain the freshness and please the eye. Our flower shop offers You the easiest and fastest way to greet your loved ones, to give pleasure in a box of favorite people, to Express respect to business partners and sincere feelings to friends!


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