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Flowers are the best gift
Don't know what gift to choose for this or that holiday? Or do you just want to tell your loved one about your feelings, but are wondering how to do it? Our online flower delivery store in Kyiv "Lepestki" is ready to help you in this difficult task. We specialize in services such as flower delivery in Kyiv and the Kyiv region, the creation of author's flower arrangements, landscaping and floral decoration. With us you can place an order from anywhere in the world for the delivery of a wide variety of designer bouquets and compositions, which, with love in our hearts, are made by our florists from the freshest flowers in Kyiv.
Flowers - for any occasion
Now you will no longer have difficulties in buying a great gift for a birthday, wedding or children's party, or just to please your beloved with an unexpected delivery of flowers. Our online flower delivery store in Kyiv presents to your attention the widest selection of various flower arrangements that are suitable not only as a present, but also become an ideal choice for decorating the interior of a banquet hall or restaurant, which will turn any celebration into a real fairy-tale action. One of our main advantages is that all craftsmen and designers are well acquainted with the main subtleties of such a complex science as floristry (studies flowers). This allows them to create incredible masterpieces of fresh flowers that can capture the imagination of even the most demanding and biased customer. Moreover, professional delivery brings them as fresh and charming as possible.
Delivery service
In addition, we are also happy to provide such a service as flower delivery in Kyiv. This will make your life much easier, and the gift itself will be more original. In order to place an order for a designer bouquet of flowers with delivery, you only need a few minutes. At the same time, in order to organize targeted delivery of flowers, you do not need to leave your chair or sofa at all. It is enough to choose the composition you like and place an order for flowers directly on our website. We always try to fulfill your delivery order with maximum accuracy: flower delivery in Kyiv takes place at the exact time you choose or within the specified time interval; the bouquet is assembled from the freshest flowers in Kyiv; all photos of bouquets, flower toys, fruit baskets, flowers in hatboxes, compositions in flowerpots belong to us, so you can see exactly what you order when placing an order for flower delivery.
Flowers in boxes
Our craftsmen have prepared various toys from natural flowers, flowers in boxes, hearts from natural flowers. This is a relatively new direction, which, unlike the already traditional flower delivery, is only becoming popular in such large cities as Kyiv. However, many have already appreciated the beauty and unusualness of such a gift. So, our flower boxes since 2016 have become a bestseller and targeted delivery. Flower delivery in Kyiv and other cities in such a package is incredibly popular today!
Not the only service
Sale of flowers with free delivery in Kyiv is not the only service provided by the Lepestki floristry studio. We are happy to help you in the design of any celebration, decorate the wedding cortege, as well as choose a flower decoration for the banquet hall, where the main action will take place. Our online flower shop "Lepestki" will also help you choose decorations for a children's or corporate holiday, you just need to place an order for flower delivery!
Our Principle
Our studio is guided by the following principle: “happy is the one who knows how to give happiness to others!” That is why the designer online flower shop is always happy to meet the needs of its customers and fulfill the most original individual orders, including delivery. Our flower delivery will help to realize your most cherished dream and turn a fairy tale into reality. Every day, we accept your orders for flower delivery with joy and patience. You can be sure that we will make every effort to ensure that your bouquet order (Kyiv and suburbs) is completed perfectly. We are confident in the quality of each flower that we put in your bouquet or in a composition of natural flowers. And we are also developing our staff so that the courier who brings you a bouquet or the operator who takes your order of flowers satisfies all your wishes and the order for the delivery of a flower present leaves a pleasant impression.
Reason - not required
You need to give gifts not only on a special occasion (New Year, Birthday, etc.). It's never too late to tell your loved one how you really feel about them. In this case, flower delivery in Kyiv (urgent bouquet delivery, same-day flower delivery or flower delivery a week after ordering - it's up to you) will be the best way to tell about your likes and emotions. At the same time, a wide variety of used colors and shades will make it possible with a clearI want to convey your mood. All you need is to indicate the address and time of delivery of the bouquet. Our couriers will complete the delivery order at the right time and deliver the gift to the addressee. Everything else will be done by the beauty and impeccability of living, fresh, unique flowers, which for centuries have been considered the best way to express your feelings. And let the happy smile of a close and dear person be the best reward for you.
Advantages of the Lepestki delivery service
The main advantages of the online store "Lepestki" are as follows:
a huge selection of colors; a wide range of floral products: classic bouquet; flowers in a box; flowers in a basket; flower toys; mourning compositions; non-flower bouquets and compositions: fruity; vegetable; alcoholic; grocery; with dried flowers; with needles and themed decor (New Year's), etc.; always fresh plants and non-floral elements; a large selection of additional gifts; ease of searching for the necessary flower products and not only; reasonable prices; payment variability; delivery by own courier service in Kyiv and Kyiv region. About each of the above advantages of the delivery service - more details below.
Various flowers
Kyiv and its guests, local residents are spoiled for choice of various types of plants. And therefore, in order to remain the best in Ukraine, in general, and in Kyiv, in particular, with delivery, we constantly update the list of flowers available for order. Today we offer bouquets of more than twenty (20!) varieties of flowers. And this is not taking into account the plants used as additions for decoration. Today in our store you can order flowers (Kyiv): roses: Dutch (classic) roses; peony roses; spray roses; ranunculus; chrysanthemums; sunflowers; gypsophila; tulips; hydrangeas; hyacinths; matthiol; anemones; eustoma; lavender; orchids; freesia; lilac; peonies; irises; lilies; callas. It is possible to deliver flowers in Kyiv and other, more exotic species.
Flowers in a box, basket, classic bouquets and toys
The unique advantage that the store has, the delivery of "Lepestki" is the ability to order flowers delivery (Kyiv) in a variety of packages: a classic bouquet. It can be any flowers with delivery (roses, lilies, tulips, irises and others) in paper packaging or without it. Also in the form of packaging, a floral net, floral film or even burlap can be used. Bouquets of the traditional form from "Lepestkov" amaze with the breadth of the assortment. Here you can place an order for the delivery of "round" bouquets "on the leg". It is possible to deliver flowers collected in elongated, saber-shaped, traditionally male bouquets. And, of course, delivery (Kyiv) of bouquets of all "intermediate" types is available; flowers in a box. Flowers in a box are a real hit of the modern floristic market. Still, because the plants in the box initially look very presentable and do not require any additional care (there is a special sponge in the box that retains moisture and nourishes the flowers with it). The delivery of flowers in a box is also greatly simplified - it is more difficult to crush plants in such a “container”. This is true for those who prefer to hand over the compositions on their own and to whom the courier service will deliver flowers in a box to the office or home with the need for their further personal transportation directly to the recipient. Not only the flowers in the box can differ, but the boxes themselves are different: colors: from white to black; sizes: including from just a pair, a trio of plants to a composition of 101 or more roses; shapes: round (another name is "hat"), rectangular, oval, polyhedron, irregular shape ("broken") textures: with a noble matt or spectacular glossy surface, with a combination of the mentioned textures. flowers in a basket. In the online store "Lepestki" available delivery of plants placed in the basket. This is the best option for a large number of flowers (Kyiv and its florists are well aware of this). First, the flowers placed in the basket are sustainable. Secondly, the basket will be convenient to hand - put at the feet of the recipient. Yes, yes, according to the rules of etiquette, it is customary to present a voluminous flower gift in this way. In the online store "Lepestki", as opposed to voluminous ones, you can order delivery of a small, modest basket of flowers and more (with fruits, sweets, groceries, etc.). Such a basket can be safely given to girlfriends and friends, not close relatives, colleagues from work. And it is also appropriate to consider such a basket as an ideal corporate gift with delivery; flower toys. Toys are ideal gifts for a birthday or other children's holidays. The store "Lepestki", knowing this very well, offers unique gifts for children - toys made from natural flowers. Not every company in Ukraine has such bouquets in its assortment. In Kyiv and other large cities of the country, there are only a few such offers. Therefore, if there is a desire to surprise a small or big hero of the day - to give your favorite flowers in an unusual format, you can order the delivery of a flower toy without a doubt. Now on the InternetIn the Lepestki store, there are more than 70 (!) options for such unusual bouquets for targeted delivery, that is, available for order. mourning compositions. The life of a modern person, unfortunately, is filled not only with joyful events. Understanding this, the Lepestki store makes it possible to order, if necessary, the delivery of a mourning composition from plants traditional for such an occasion - red and white roses, yellow and blue, red chrysanthemums, needles, ferns and others. You can choose a composition for a mournful occasion in the format: a bouquet, a wreath or a basket. In any case, the selection of flowers for delivery will take place in accordance with existing traditions, and the collected basket or bouquet, wreath will be delivered by the company's own courier service to the location you specified in the city of Kyiv or in the suburbs of the city. Flower delivery (Kyiv) of this theme is free. Non-flower bouquets and arrangements are also available In the social networks of friends, acquaintances, celebrities, you have probably come across such an unusual gift as an edible bouquet more than once. However, "bouquet", in this case, the name is rather conditional, because various delicious components can be beautifully packaged in a basket or box. Although available for ordering in Kyiv, of course, it is edible bouquets. Their delivery can also be arranged in "Lepestki". Why are non-flower bouquets good, products beautifully packaged in a basket? First of all, versatility. Undoubtedly, flowers are beautiful, fragrant and rightly considered a real sign of modern luxury and chic. But they are definitely not included in the list of purely practical goods. Another thing is a bottle of high-quality alcohol, ripe and fresh fruits, expensive cheeses ... But all this can also be effectively packed in a box or basket, wrapped in floral paper, almost like a traditional bouquet. Therefore, if you need more practical gifts or you know for sure that a person for some reason does not like flowers too much, feel free to choose a grocery or fruit basket, and then place an order in Kyiv for its delivery.
However, non-flower bouquets can be:
fruity. Fruit bouquets are not only the delivery of the usual combination of bananas + oranges. In a bouquet, basket or box instead of flowers, more exotic lime and coconut, juicy pomelo or fresh pomegranate can be placed. It may include a bouquet and a pear, tangerine, apple, pineapple, kiwi, lemon - these and many other delicious fruits are always available in the Lepestki store. However, it would be better if you place an order (Kyiv) for a fruit bouquet or basket in advance - so all work on creating the composition will be completed on time and your own courier service will bring the basket or box, bouquet strictly at a predetermined time. Delivery of flowers and fruit bouquets in Lepestki works like clockwork; berry. Various berries perfectly complement the fruit bouquets mentioned above. However, berries without other components can be placed in a box or basket for delivery and without other components. It all depends on how much the recipient loves grapes, strawberries, cherries, cherries and whether these berries, in your opinion, need "company". By the way, if you want to collect a patriotic, Ukrainian-style berry basket for the addressee, then a unique offer awaits you in the Lepestki online store - clusters of viburnum. Believe me, you will not find this in Kyiv and other cities of the country - this is a great reason to order such a unique patriotic delivery; sweet. In Ukraine, as, indeed, in other countries of the world, sweets with delivery are very fond of. Moreover, adults, children, men and women equally like to receive sweet gifts for a birthday or just like that. Knowing this very well, the Lepestkov delivery service has a huge assortment of sweet bouquets and delicacies packed in a basket or box. At the same time, sweet bouquets offered by the Lepestki store can include sweets, macaroons, marshmallows, marshmallows, chocolate, gingerbread and sweet, viscous honey. Fans of sweet pastries will definitely like sweet bouquets and sweet gifts packed in a basket, in a box, including bagels, bagels, pretzels. Available for delivery (Kyiv) and other sweets; vegetable. The trend for healthy eating has long covered not only large (Kyiv and others), but also small cities around the world, including Ukraine. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Lepestki store offers vegetable bouquets for ordering. The range of available products for the delivery of such bouquets (of course, vegetables can also be placed in a basket, box) is very wide. So, you can order with delivery bouquets with carrots and cabbage, sweet and hot peppers, beets and potatoes, onions and garlic, tomatoes and cucumbers, all kinds of greens. Moreover, all this can be packed exclusively in a “vegetable basket” or side by side with other products, such as sausages, cheeses, salty snacks, alcohol; sausage. The list of the most popular edible products, when you need to collect a non-flowery male bouquet, is crowned with a flasksy. Indeed, sausage bouquets are exclusively in demand among men (Kyiv) and they are often ordered for delivery on a birthday or other occasion when you want to congratulate a representative of the strong half of humanity. That is why at the moment in the Lepestki store there is just a huge selection of “thematic goods”, that is, sausages. So, ordering bouquets with Transcarpathian and Spanish sausages, boiled-smoked and hunting, huntsman and salami is always available. And for real connoisseurs, it is proposed to arrange delivery to Shwartslav, Fuet and bacon in the format of bouquets with delivery; cheese. Cheeses can be an excellent component of sausage bouquets (see ready-made options in the corresponding section in the Lepestki online store) or play a solo, main role in the targeted delivery of savory aged goodies. Whatever bouquet you choose, Lepestkov's own delivery will bring the addressee a perfectly assembled composition with suluguni or pigtail, Roquefort or Brie. Recall that the offer for delivery is relevant in Kyiv and the suburbs; with snacks. We note right away that an edible bouquet with snacks usually contains the same alcohol for which snacks are intended. That is, if a delivery is made for a bouquet with chips, then the order will also contain a bottle of foam. The same is true if the delivery of bouquets with nuts, crackers, fish (smoked, dried or dried) is selected. But if nuts are presented as snacks, then usually we are talking about the delivery of bouquets with stronger alcohol; alcoholic. In the city of Kyiv, in high demand for adult recipients, along with the delivery of flowers, the delivery of alcoholic bouquets is also in high demand. At the same time, the delivery of bouquets (Kyiv and suburbs) with wine and champagne is usually ordered at the Lepestki store for ladies. But an order for an alcoholic bouquet with cognac, vodka and other strong alcohol usually comes when it comes to delivering a gift to a man; grocery. Along with the delivery of flowers, the delivery of edible compositions with various grocery components is very active in the Lepestki store. In the city of Kyiv, for example, bouquets with coffee and tea, noodles and all kinds of sauces are often ordered with delivery. At the same time, mustard and adjika, Pesto and Tabasco are often included in the order if you need sausage and alcoholic bouquets and baskets; with dried flowers. Despite the fact that dried flowers are also flowers, their store Lepestki puts them in a special category. The delivery of such flowers (they usually fit in small boxes or baskets) is usually ordered for women and girls, including as corporate gifts. That is, if you are currently interested in ordering flowers to the office for employees of this very office, such flowers will, believe me, be an ideal option. Here are quite affordable, reasonable prices, and a long presentable appearance that such flowers can please. And such a flower delivery in Kyiv is very convenient when preparing for any corporate holiday - it takes little time and the order for delivery does not create unnecessary trouble; with needles. On the eve of the New Year holidays, as if by magic, not only the delivery of classic flowers is activated, but also the delivery of bouquets with pine needles and other thematic decor. No wonder, because ready-made New Year's compositions are a great thematic corporate present and the best solution when you need to place an order for the delivery of a New Year's present for your company's employees. Delivery (Kyiv), we recall, is traditionally free.
Freshness is extremely important!
A successful flower delivery shop is impossible without observing the main, unshakable rule: impeccable freshness. This also applies to flowers, and various edible components of bouquets and compositions. Therefore, when ordering flower delivery in Kyiv at the Lepestki store, you can always be 100% sure of the freshness of the resulting composition, whatever its composition. The delivery of Lepestki (Kyiv) is uncompromising in this respect.
What to add to the order?
If necessary, you can always supplement your order with a wide variety of products. This is relevant if it seems to you that flowers alone are not enough as a gift, and there is no time and desire to place an order for a particular present in another store. Just for such cases, the Lepestki store offers everyone to place not only an order for flowers to the office or at home, but also delivery of the following gifts in Kyiv: certificates (let your dear person not only receive fresh, beautifully decorated flowers, but also the opportunity "make shopping" in your favorite store); postcards (if you want flower delivery in Kyiv to bring to the addressee, including your unique message on a beautiful, author's postcard); butterflies (perhaps the best addition for fresh flowers, when you want to really amaze and surprise the addressee with delivery). Flower delivery complete with a live butterfly will be a unique surprise; soft toys (including, it is possible to order author's unique handmade toys togetherwith flower delivery); sweets (different types and different, but always justified, reasonable prices); balls (the best addition in case of ordering flowers, delivery of flowers for any children's party). The selection of suitable colors is as simple as possible. Our store (Kyiv) presents perhaps the largest selection of flowers in Kyiv. At the same time, picking up certain flowers to order, as well as arranging the delivery of flowers, other surprises, is really simple here. To do this, all flowers to order are specially grouped according to various criteria: prices. Firstly, you can choose flowers, taking into account their prices: up to 500, from 500 to 1000, from 1000 to 3000, and from 3000 hryvnia. Secondly, flower prices can be sorted (just go to the appropriate section). When making delivery, please note that prices are always relevant and justified by the composition of the order; novelty. If you want to buy flowers folded into bouquets according to the newest, advanced trends in the city of Kyiv, making an order for delivery, use the "News" section. Here are new samples of flowers that will definitely surprise the whole city of Kyiv; type of packaging. Above we have already talked about how diverse flowers by type of packaging are offered to Kyiv today by flower delivery "Lepestkov". These are flowers in boxes, and flowers in baskets, and flowers in bouquets, and flower toys. Separately, in the relevant categories, indoor flowers are presented - in "Lepestki" it is also possible to deliver flowers of such a plan; kinds. The widest selection of flowers in Kyiv is a distinctive feature of Lepestki delivery. But it's still very easy to place an order for flower delivery here! The most popular flowers in the city of Kyiv are presented for sale in separate categories. This refers to flowers such as roses, peonies, chrysanthemums, orchids, etc. Separately, it is possible to deliver flowers in Kyiv of other varieties. To place an order for flower delivery, go to the appropriate category; occasion. Do you want to place an order for flower delivery in Kyiv, but are confused among the variety of compositions presented in the store? Remember the reason for ordering flowers at home and select the appropriate section - it's very easy to place an order for delivery, believe me; order destination. Addressed flower delivery (Kyiv) is undoubtedly a convenient service. The only difficulty here is to choose the right flowers. Indeed, the choice of flowers in the Lepestki delivery service is huge. Therefore, in order not to get confused, we suggest placing an order for flowers, flower delivery, taking into account the addressee. For women and men, children and loved ones, mothers - flowers with delivery for all these recipients are presented in various categories, which will help you quickly place an order for delivery; subject. For a particularly important flower order, if you need flowers for a wedding, or if you are interested in the delivery of a patriotic arrangement or the delivery of ritual flowers, you must go to the appropriate categories to place an order. Recall that flower delivery is free (Kyiv).
Flower delivery (Kyiv) at a reasonable price
Flower delivery in Kyiv should not only be accurate and punctual, in terms of lead time. The cost of flower delivery (Kyiv) is also important. Understanding this very well, the Lepestki company immediately made delivery (Kyiv city and suburbs) absolutely free. True, free delivery of the order is possible only under certain conditions. So, flower delivery will be free if: you need a non-urgent delivery of flowers to your home or delivery of flowers to your office; you do not need urgent or overnight flower delivery in Kyiv; you do not need flower delivery (Kyiv and suburbs) at a strictly designated time. Flower delivery in Kyiv in all the above cases is free, this is a plus. But you must also understand that the very cost of flowers (Kyiv) in the Lepestki store is more than justified. So, when placing an order in "Lepestki", you can always be sure that the company's delivery will bring you the freshest flowers within the capital (Kyiv city and suburbs), assembled into a composition by the best masters of their craft. Of course, the additional materials used to make your flower delivery order will also be first class.
How can I pay for flower delivery?
Delivery of flowers to your home (Kyiv) or delivery of flowers to the office (Kyiv) can be paid for in a variety of ways: the order can be paid in cash (when the delivery brings you flowers in Kyiv or if you pick up the flowers at the office yourself); to pay for ordering flowers at home, you can use a Privatbank or Privat24 card; flower delivery in Kyiv can be paid by MasterCard/Visa; flower delivery in Kyiv can be paid with LigPay; You can also pay for the delivery of flowers at the bank according to the issued receipt.
Flower delivery in Kyiv by its own service
A huge plus of Lepestkov is that flower delivery in Kyiv takes place with the help of its own transport service. This means that a professional courier will deliver the flowers. And the delivery of flowers (Kyiv) will take place with the help of specially equipped transport - a guarantee that the delivery will be successful, and the flowers will be deliveredgo to the addressee in its original form. We are grateful to you that you have chosen our flower delivery service in Kyiv and placed an order with us. We are always happy to deliver flowers for you at the highest level!
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