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Traditionally, anyone who wants to make a good impression or surprise a person with an interesting gift is sent to the online pet shops of Lepestki. This is no accident, because it is here that everyone will be able to find a large selection of floral arrangements that are expertly composed by professional florists. It is enough to visit the catalog of available bouquets in order to see the rich variety of flower world, which is presented on our site. Here you can choose bouquets of roses or tulips of different shades. The gallery also features more exotic compositions, including original flower toys, baskets and even gift kits. All this is accessible to every visitor at affordable prices. In addition, we have our own flower delivery service, which is a distinct advantage. Today in the capital, it is not difficult for anyone to buy a bouquet for a particular holiday or event. Flower tents are scattered all over the city. However, the quality of the flowers sold there are not always credible. This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing such a gift. The quality of our flowers is undeniable due to the fact that only the best varieties are used for each composition. Flowers delivery Kyiv also allows you to save the bouquets during transportation. Also important is the fact that this service is provided by our couriers free of charge.

The online petal flower shop is the place where everyone has the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of bouquets, their intricate shapes and shades. The choice of songs is incredibly wide. Here you can find cute and, at the same time, very original bouquets for any event. Flowers have always been an integral attribute of all, without exception holidays and ceremonies. It is nice that today there are connoisseurs of the beautiful. If you are also not indifferent to the world of beautiful flowers, on our site you will find large collections of compositions from the best florists of the capital. Here you can buy a bouquet to order or choose one of the already available options. Modern floristry is evolving, we are also following all new and modern trends. As a result, our designers have mastered the new technique of making bouquets. Therefore, the range is constantly expanding with more and more original works. An additional advantage is our flower delivery service. Our couriers are punctual and have a high level of professionalism. The order will be delivered as soon as possible within a business day. Flowers delivery Kyiv directly on the site or by phone. You can choose the most convenient way for you. This service is free for our customers, which is also an important benefit. It will take you just a few minutes to select and buy any of the bouquets presented in the catalog.

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  • Лепестки 06.03.2018 10:09

    Карина, большое спасибо за доверие нам! Мы очень стараемся и рады, когда клиенты это ценят.

  • Карина04.03.2018 17:49

    Заказывала коробочку с цветами и сладостями для племянницы на 12 лет. Хотели сделать сюрприз) спасибо большое за то что этот сюрприз удался, за оперативность и отзывчивость, за обратную связь) девочка от счастья просто расплакалась, настолько не ожидала. Ну а мы вместе с ней, так приятно дарить людям радость! Думаю в ее памяти это останется навсегда) успехов вам и процветания!

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