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Peonies are beautiful flowers...
Peonies are beautiful flowers with a rich history and various legends that shroud their origins. It is believed that they came to us from China. However, today there are many European myths and stories that talk about peonies. For example, he was very well known to the inhabitants of ancient Greece. There he symbolized health and longevity. The very name of the flower suggests that in addition to its beauty, it also has healing properties, which from time immemorial were considered miraculous. Some people believed that peonies would help them drive out evil demons and spirits. Today, these properties of the flower have been somewhat forgotten. However, its beauty and originality still attracts all connoisseurs of beauty. In this regard, the online flower shop "Lepestki" offers you a wide selection of different compositions, which are based on peonies.
Variety of bouquets
The variety of bouquets is very rich. Here you can find both traditional compositions and original works of our florists, which can leave few people indifferent. Therefore, if you want to pick up the most beautiful bouquet of peonies for your girlfriend as a gift, you simply cannot find a better place than our store. Affordable prices make it possible to buy a bouquet for everyone without exception. Any buyer will be able to find a suitable option in accordance with their budget. Free flower delivery (Kyiv and suburbs) will also not be superfluous.
A bit of history
According to some historical data, the peony appeared on our earth more than 2000 years ago. During this time, for many, this flower has become a favorite. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that even today it is incredibly relevant and in demand. Main feature Its main feature is that it is perfect for any celebration. In other words, you can safely give it to friends or work colleagues. At the same time, it will be a cute and original present for your girlfriend. There is nothing shameful in giving a bouquet of peonies to unfamiliar people. It does not carry a pronounced love subtext. Even, on the contrary, with the help of such a composition you can wish the hero of the occasion good health and long life. Variety In any case, the best place to choose such a flower gift will be the online flower shop "Lepestki". Take a look at the variety of bouquets on offer. It will impress even the most demanding customers looking for non-standard and original ideas. Our florists are able to surprise everyone. At the same time, you can buy a bouquet at a very reasonable price. Such a purchase will be affordable for each of our visitors. But the good news for our visitors does not end there. If you also need flower delivery (Kyiv and suburbs), you can always use it when placing an order. A nice addition will be the absence of any fee for this service. Our couriers will deliver your order for free. You no longer have to think about what kind of gift to choose for family and friends. The "Lepestki" store and its professional florists will take care of this.
Peony - a universal flower for any event
Traditionally, in Ukraine (Kyiv, other megacities and small towns), not a single more or less significant event is complete without fresh flowers. Whether there is a meeting with an important person, a wedding, a children's, family or state holiday, a competition, an exhibition, a festival, a concert, a sale of any product - flowers are always present on them, all year round and ordering them is a matter of course. Moreover, already in early spring, each city, town, village begins a conditional competition for the arrangement of various flower beds, flower beds. Peony on them in Ukraine (Kyiv is no exception!) Is the undisputed king almost until the middle of summer, that is, until the end of active flowering. In Kyiv, peonies are one of the most favorite flowers. But our post is not about the flower gardens of the city of Kyiv and the region. We will tell you where, for whom and for what reason it is most profitable to buy peonies flowers in Kyiv, without overpaying prices, and without "bothering" with delivery (peonies in Kyiv from "Lepestki" can come with free delivery). The online flower delivery store "Lepestki" offers peonies almost all year round in a variety of options, arrangements and their price, at the same time, is quite affordable. The specialization of the flower shop is targeted delivery of orders in Kyiv and the region, the creation of author's compositions, landscaping, the development of turnkey floral decor for any event. It is possible to place an order for a basket with peonies, a bouquet with these flowers. Moreover, an order can be made from anywhere (it can be any city, country). Flowers are delivered by our own service on specialized transport. Delivery price is fixed. The material for the compositions is exclusively the freshest plants supplied to Kyiv from domestic greenhouses and foreign nurseries. Prices for peonies are associated with the delivery (air, car, railway) of goods to the city, but they are always reasonable and adequate. The range of peony bouquets at Petals, regardless of the season, is huge. The price does not fluctuate much from season to season. You can always choose the best flowers: a miniature bouquet of peonies and a luxurious basket, an author's mono composition in a box and a chic mixed bouquet. In the presence of flowers of peonies of different varieties of almost the entire palette of possible shades:
• scarlet;
• yellow;
• blue;
• pink;
• purple;
• cream;
• burgundy;
• cherry;
• crimson; '
• purple;
• snow-white;
• mother-of-pearl.
About cases when buying peonies is the best solution Peonies are the best choice all year round for birthdays, name days, weddings, anniversaries, and finally, an order for a children's or family celebration. These flowers are good in mono bouquets and in complex ensembles. All thanks to the positive symbolism of flowers, because peonies all over the world have a reputation as imperial flowers, the personification of love, beauty, prosperity, greatness. Because these flowers are a good choice for almost every event. Peonies cheer up, charge with optimism. Bouquets, compositions formed on contrasting combinations look especially joyful. Successful examples:
• 51 burgundy-pink peonies;
• Bouquet of peonies and tulips;
• Big bouquet "Hydrangeas and peonies";
• Large hat box of 35 peonies mix (h35).
Believe me, there will not be many peonies, these flowers never get bored. Moreover, peonies in Kyiv, in "Lepestki" are skillfully combined with decor, other colors, and delivery of the order invariably arrives on time. An extensive selection of flower arrangements allows you to order flowers both as a present and as a decor for any interior. Elite beautiful plants, with a recognizable enchanting aroma, can turn even a boring room into a symbolic, festive, solemn one, creating the right atmosphere. Peonies are especially relevant as an interior decoration in the season when the price of these flowers of domestic origin in the phase of their active flowering is minimal. Lepestkov florists are professionals in their field, creating amazing masterpieces all year round, bouquets of natural flowers that amaze the imagination of the most demanding and biased customers. A bouquet of peonies performed by the masters of floristry "Lepestkov" is invariably fresh, beautiful, perfect, because peonies in Kyiv choose the best for him! The purpose of this publication is to tell those who have difficulty distinguishing between peony roses and peonies, what is the difference and what is the uniqueness of each such plant. We will tell you which compositions of peonies are better to give to your loved ones, how to select elite flowers according to their color and which bouquets, compositions give positive emotions better than others, magically create a festive mood. We will also advise you on how to place an order for peonies in Kyiv, the best tactics for choosing flower surprises, so that the gift does not seem “on duty” in any case. Finally, we will also tell you what price for a peony is optimal.
Wedding bouquets of peonies
Snow-white flowers, buds of delicate, pastel shades are ideal for traditional wedding bouquets:
• Wedding №16;
• Bridal bouquet No. 14;
• Bridal bouquet number 6.
If you are planning a celebration in an original way, you can place an order with delivery for a wedding bouquet and decor of imperial peonies in an exclusive design: • Wedding No. 20; • Wedding №74; • 19 coral peonies.
For your loved ones on your special day...
Whatever the occasion
Flowers with delivery for a loved one must be distinguished by a special mood, amorous energy, freshness and perfection of each petal, bud. The greater the number of the latter, the more impressive the surprise order, and the more luxurious the bouquets. If you want to tell a bouquet of peonies about tenderness, adoration - choose pink flowers, regardless of the price of the goods. The purest, immaculate feelings are emphasized by white, half-opened buds. Ordering flowers of the scarlet palette is recommended if you plan to emphasize the all-consuming passion, the incredible strength of the sexuality of your beloved ... By and large, ordering peonies can be of any tone, quantity, design, most importantly, the sincere words that you say during the presentation or write on the accompanying card . In the latter case, flower delivery by special transport will ensure the freshness of the bouquet and the timeliness of the peonies surprise. The best bouquet for those who love natural scents on their birthday is from peonies with a pronounced smell. In this case, there may be a minimum number of flowers in the bouquet (Bouquet of 7 tree peonies, Bouquet of 7 burgundy peonies, Bouquet of 7 peonies and hairs). Accordingly, the price of such a bouquet will definitely not empty the wallet, and a person with an excellent sense of smell will receive incredible pleasure from a gift.
Peony hearts
Hearts made of peonies are a sensual present for the second half. It will come in handy, even if the feelings in the couple have not cooled down and what the “doctor ordered”, if the passion is already raging not so much. Believe me, flowers, as a manifestation of feelings, are guaranteed to be appreciated. In this case, the size and content of the presentation, the issue of the price of the goods, are no longer so important. Much more important are the feelings, emotions that peonies will cause in the composition in the form of a heart. Compositions of imperial flowers in small heart-shaped boxes, in which flowers coexist with sweet filling (sweets, berries, macaroons), look especially advantageous. If you want to order really chic flowers, and the price of the gift is not significant, it makes sense to pay attention to the following large-scale compositions, again in the form of a heart:
• Mega basket of 501 peonies;
• Mega basket of 555 peonies.
A gift certificate will be an excellent addition to a bouquet of peonies. Such a choice will make it possible to please the addressee not only with fresh, immaculately decorated flowers, but also with the opportunity to “shop” in a flower and gift shop, choosing the really best product. If you know for sure about the addictions of a dear person, the choice and order of a variety of additional gifts is available in the online store:
• Fruit baskets.
• Stuffed Toys.
• Live butterflies.
• Postcards.
• Sweets.
• Balloons.
The range of additional gifts is huge, and the price of the goods is justified.
Peonies in boxes
For whom?
In spring and in the first half of summer, peonies in a box are the most popular order in Kyiv. Both closed and fully blossomed buds look elegant, presentable, status. Such a design does not require additional care (a special sponge with life-giving impregnation is placed in the box, which guarantees the magnificence of flowers). More comfortable is with such an order and flower delivery. In boxes, peonies are rigidly fixed and protected from jamming and damage. The choice of peonies in a box is especially relevant for those who prefer self-delivery of a gift. However, such packaging for peonies is also suitable in cases where the courier service will present the present to the addressee.
Which one to choose?
If necessary, a bouquet of peonies can be arranged in a box of any:
• tones: from white to anthracite, multi-colored, with complex decor;
• size: height and diameter, containing from a few stems and ending with a hundred or two peonies;
• shapes: hat or round, oval, rectangular, polyhedral-broken;
• textures: matte, glossy, velvet, etc. Especially luxurious compositions for especially significant family events:
• 151 peonies in a box;
• Big box "Pink";
•151 pink peonies in a box.
Baskets with peonies for anniversaries
Anniversaries deserve special flowers that emphasize the importance of the event. Therefore, peonies for such solemn bouquets are selected the most luxurious, and, as a rule, in large quantities. Most often, an order for anniversaries is chic baskets of peonies. Flowers can be of different palettes, ranging from the lightest (Mega-basket of 555 peonies) - for blonde ladies, and ending with accented maroon peonies (Mega-basket of 501 peonies) - for burning brunettes. Baskets that contain the entire pink-scarlet palette look luxurious - Basket of 101 peonies, Basket of 301 peonies. An original, incredibly cheerful choice will be chic varietal peonies in the color of appetizing marshmallows (Basket of 301 peonies). Note that baskets with peonies are a good choice for male anniversaries. Peonies buy (Kyiv) - a win-win option for the hero of the day of any age, gender, rank! The basket is the perfect package for a large number of peonies. The buds in the basket are fixed as stable as possible. Baskets are easy to hand. According to the rules of etiquette, voluminous baskets with a large number of buds are placed at the feet of the heroes of the occasion. Small analogues, which are also available in the assortment of Petals, can be handed over. The latter is especially relevant if, in addition to flowers, any food products are supposed to be in the basket. Such gifts are appropriate for girlfriends and friends, relatives, work colleagues. Baskets with flowers are also ideal corporate gifts with delivery for any holiday.
If you are guided by astro forecasts
The symbolic language of astrology considers the peony to be a unique flower that can be given to almost everyone, because the plant has positive associative energy. Aries Charming Aries should choose a flower present carefully. And what matters here is not the color of the peonies, not the number of buds. Graceful rams need to choose the same creative compositions as themselves. Taurus Taurus, who so value quality in everything, will appreciate the choice of a solid, impressive bouquet or a hatbox with sky-high prices with peonies. Gemini To update and sparkle with ideas, the twins need very little, for example, a laconic bouquet of peonies with a colorful decor. The color of the peonies is not so important! Crayfish Insightful cancer will please a mono bouquet of tight balls of unopened peonies or a combination of the same buds with rice flowers. Be sure to place your order in advance! Lions Caring royal lions and lionesses require special treatment. An impressive box of peonies or a basket of exorbitant prices will be taken for granted by the lion, whatever the occasion. Virgos It is best for virgins to order peonies (Kyiv and suburbs) in the form of a complex bouquet, where the buds of imperial flowers are harmoniously combined with chrysanthemums. Libra Libra please a sophisticated bouquet of peonies, roses, freesias, placing an order in advance. Scorpions Surprise the multifaceted scorpion, which loves surprises so much, with a chic composite bouquet in which pink peonies reign along with peony roses, eustoma. Sagittarius Sagittarius, who know their worth and respect honesty, directness, it is better to give complex composite bouquets in which peonies are complemented by eustoma, chic roses, exotic plants. The color of the buds can be any. Capricorns For capricorns - natural leaders, it is most correct to choose peonies of the red palette, large and fragrant. Aquarius Extraordinary Aquarians should be presented with the most sophisticated and exotic, unusual and unique specimens of peonies. Pisces Emotional fish will most of all like lilac and blue, snow-white peonies. Order peonies for mourning events Weekdays, unfortunately, are filled not only with joyful events. The Lepestki shop makes it possible to order and urgently deliver mourning compositions in Kyiv, including peonies framed with needles, ferns, and other traditional greenery. It is possible to select, order a composition for a mournful occasion in the format of a wreath and a bouquet, a basket, in accordance with the traditions agreed with the customer. The assembled order in the form of a basket, a bouquet, a wreath, the courier on specialized transport will mobilely deliver to the specified place in the city of Kyiv or in the suburbs. Delivery of funeral flowers is carried out by the company free of charge. Peonies are versatile flowers with perfect shape and color. If necessary, for a mourning event, Lepestkov florists will assemble a composition of any color palette to order. Both fully opened and tight balls of peony buds of almost any shade go well with greenery, phoenix, needles traditional for such purposes.
Delivery of peonies
The main thing about delivery Kyiv at all times, and martial law is no exception, has always been famous for a large number of flowers and flower sales points. Therefore, in order to provide one of the best deliveries in Kyiv, we are constantly working to improve the quality of services and a variety of proposals for the range of bouquets and compositions. Online store "Lepestki" provides the service "flower delivery in Kyiv" by specialized transport. The order for the delivery of peonies is important, since many varieties of flowers of this species are delicate and fragile. Professional flower delivery in Kyiv makes life easier. How to arrange delivery? To place an order for an author's bouquet of flowers with delivery, you need access to the Internet and a few minutes. Making targeted flower delivery is possible from anywhere in the world. You just need to go to the site, choose the bouquet you like, place an order. The design itself is simplified as much as possible. All that is required is to indicate the address and the desired hour of flower delivery. The delivery service "Lepestkov" tries to fulfill orders for the delivery of flowers as accurately and promptly as possible. Imperial beauty, the perfection of living, unique flowers, which from time immemorial have been considered the best for recognition in innermost feelings, combined with professional delivery, can work wonders... Happy smiles of recipients to whom Lepestki delivers bouquets, compositions of peonies are the best reward for the Internet shop. Instead of deducing What variety, colors of peonies to give and in what quantity, design, mono bouquet or complex composite - it's up to you and only you. The main advice - imperial flowers with or without fragrance, it is better to choose in a store with an impeccable reputation, where placing an order is as easy as shelling pears and where only the best, freshest flowers are always presented.
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