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Wedding preparations – It is an exciting and enjoyable event. I certainly want this day to be remembered with bright colors and positive emotions. In the minds of guests, parents, friends and, above all, the newlyweds themselves. And in this you will be happy to help the company for wedding decor Lepestki. We will make sure that your own wedding is a joyful day for you, when you can breathe out and relax, enjoy yourself and your feelings, and not think about the flowers withered on the guests tables and the spoiled hot arch. For this, there is a professional wedding floristics in Kyiv – everything will be at the highest level, high quality and beautiful.

Fresh flowers – this is something without which no wedding can take place. A wedding, which should become a flower garden of joy and pleasant excitement, unforgettable emotions of those present and young. The services of a wedding florist will help emphasize the beauty and mood of the bride, her attitude to life and marriage. We will arrange for you a wedding decoration with fresh flowers in such a way that it turns into a fabulous event, rich in a warm and sparkling atmosphere.  In addition, the services of a wedding florist will provide beautiful photos for life that will be flipped through with pleasure and vivid memories to your relatives, friends and children.

Wedding floristry in Kyiv   is not just the preparation of bouquets. This is the real art of combining colors with each other, competent placement in space, taking into account their structure and tastes, decor with fabrics, sparkles, stones and much more. In this case, the masters use unusual dishes, all kinds of items to decorate the interior, etc.Therefore, our experts, who conduct the design of weddings with fresh flowers, have an artistic taste and love creativity. Our site presents the models of work that we produce for our customers. At the same time, you can always count on a complete personality – in a business like a wedding this is very important. We will develop for you the concept of your wedding from a floristic point of view, help you choose the color scheme, and accents. After all, wedding floristry in Kyiv provides a huge space for the realization of the most unrealizable fantasies and innermost desires. It all depends on the preference of the young, the venue of the wedding, the budget that they have. In any case, our wedding decor company will select the best option for you and advise on all issues. & nbsp;

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • bridal bouquet - the most incredible compositions of elite varietal flowers, delicate representatives of glades, meadows and steppes, which are especially fantastic look in the hands of the bride;
  • boutonnieres, guest bouquets;
  • wedding arches & ndash; unusual creations from flowers, fabrics and ribbons, decor elements in the form of beads, stones, etc.
  • registration of a wedding hall and an outdoor ceremony in nature & ndash; luxurious compositions on the table of the newlyweds, bouquets on the table for the guests, floor compositions, etc .;
  • making photo zones from fresh flowers and decor elements using various draperies.

Wedding decoration with fresh flowers & ndash; it is a wonderful tradition and at the same time an opportunity for the most modern approaches to the implementation of the celebration. With the help of fresh flowers, it becomes possible to become closer to nature, to once again touch its beauty. And all this on such a momentous day as a wedding! In our gallery you can familiarize yourself with some of our works, express your wishes for the wedding decoration – we will hear you. Intricate compositions on the martinka table, full of grace and grace, luxurious arches and draperies with a cloth in the open space, floor-spring compositions, flowers in the open air (no matter how unusual this sounds!) – we are happy to develop all this and much more for you and turnkey turn it!

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