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Fashion – a very capricious lady. As there is a fashion of clothing and interior design, there are also fashion and colors in the world. And recently on a fashion runway were such amazing and unusual for flower arranging flowers like Calla lilies. Buy Calla lilies in bouquets is now possible in any floral shop and online flower delivery service. The original structure of a flower, delicate and exceptional Calla lilies look great as female and male songs (you just need to choose the appropriate color and design of the bouquet). Men´s bouquet-delivery not less popular of these colors than the female. Our online store is Petals offers a variety of ordering bouquets of Calla lilies in just fantastic form and composition: we will please You not only the traditional white Callas, but also luxurious Burgundy, purple, striking the imagination and evoking strong emotions. Also in our collection there is a vip bouquets – Kyiv as a huge and modern metropolis pleases its residents with the most modern and exciting compositions. If You have planned an important event and want to congratulate our vip guest, we are at Your service! 

Buy Calla lilies in bouquets – a very elegant floral solution. Besides, unusual as such a unique and beautiful flower consists of one petal shapes, which gently wraps around the stem. Any woman will appreciate Calla lilies, why ordering flowers from Callas in Kyiv very popular. Calla lilies are used in professional floristry from the original forms, and rich colors. Also, special attention to these flowers is because they are self-sufficient and beautiful, so can be used in mono bouquets at no extra flowers and decor. To complement this bouquet is quite tiny ribbon or small flowers low-key colors. Vip bouquets (Kyiv, Petals) look rich and stylish, and the absence of floral paper and lavish bows makes the bouquet very natural and gentle.

Browse through our collection of bouquets-the art of Callas, among which You can choose a male bouquet delivery or a female of any level of complexity. We are always ready to listen to Your preferences and make a touch of originality to the existing bouquet, fulfilling Your fantasies. We offer to buy Calla lilies pale pink, scarlet, white, brown, lilac and peach colors. Bright and rich colors of Calla lilies plus the unusual shape make these compositions in bold, fashionable gifts and interior decoration. A simple form is striking in its perfection - yellow candle embraces one infinite and perfect petal, forming the flower. But it is this simplicity makes the stool to the style icon.

We recommend you to buy Calla lilies in the bouquets, because this is a Prime example of classic monochrome bouquet. And it´s all created by hand by our expert florists thanks to this concise, noble and elegant flower – Calle. Besides wide use in gift industry, Calla actively used in wedding floristry and decor. The wealth of colour makes Calla lilies in a romantic, colorful and airy tropical butterflies – so like them, the flowers of Calla lilies. Ordering bouquets of Calla lilies in Kyiv successful, because these strange flowers symbolize not only beauty, but also the comfort of the family hearth, peace, respect and other important qualities. It is believed that a bouquet of Calla lilies in the house is able to protect the family from misfortunes and disagreements, to bring comfort and warmth. And in wedding flowers Calla lilies generally are a talisman of conjugal bliss. At the same time, the simplicity and elegance of the Callas can be used in the men´s bouquets: the laconic and strict flowers and neutral tones is ideal for presenting a gift to the man, and to guests at business events.

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