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In order to be successful in any business, you must always keep up with the times and follow current trends. That is why our online flower shop is constantly evolving and aims to offer its customers something new and interesting. In addition to basic services such as flower delivery, as well as the ability to order flowers at home, you now have the unique opportunity to buy a great alternative to a traditional bouquet, which has a basket of flowers. This is gradually becoming more popular, and in this case we are talking not only about such metropolitan areas as Kyiv, but also in other cities of Ukraine.

One of the main advantages of such a gift as a basket with flowers , is the fact that it can be given to people of all ages and professions. In this case, even men will be able to appreciate its originality and strangeness. Of course, as true professionals, we will in no way diminish all the merits of bouquets. However, let´s be honest, the basket of flowers still has a number of advantages. First, you can always choose the most original and unusual shapes and sizes. This gives you unlimited opportunities to apply the most interesting and original ideas that our skilled florists are filled with. Our online flower shop is ready to offer you a variety of flower arrangements that will include a basket of flowers. You will also be able to get acquainted with the available options on our site, where you will surely find the most suitable variant for one case or another.

Despite the fact that residents of cities such as Kyiv, already there is little to be surprised at, we are able to bring something seemingly unique and unique into the traditional composition. To do this, our craftsmen use different elements of decoration, which may include fruits or toys. All this you can order in our store without leaving home. You will be able to buy any product you like in minutes. In this case, the delivery will be effected to the specified address exactly in time.
Many fear that the basket will not be idle for long. However, this is not true at all. The durability of such a composition is inferior to the traditional bouquet, and for a long time to please the eye and fill the room with a wonderful aroma. This was achieved by the fact that a special floral sponge, which is pre-impregnated with water, is placed on the bottom. In the most optimal conditions, a basket of flowers will be able to retain its original appearance throughout the week.
Our florist studio is pleased to offer you ready-made variants of compositions. You will surely be amazed by the huge variety of shapes and colors. Here you will surely find exactly what is best suited to one case or another. Our masters put their heart and soul into their work. As a result, we have already earned a lot of positive feedback. Not only Kyiv, but other cities in Ukraine know us.

If it happens that you could not find a suitable basket of flowers, you should not despair at all. Our florists will gladly listen to all your wishes and ideas and will help them to realize, using their highest skill and opti. We have already conquered Kyiv, but do not choose to stop there. There are many more achievements and heights ahead of us. Therefore, we will never cease to develop and refine our knowledge in such fine and difficult science as floristry. Working with fresh flowers brings us real pleasure, but the biggest reward is your happy smile!

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  • Лепестки 16.01.2017 11:58

    Спасибо, Александра, за Ваш заказ. Спасибо, что выбрали наш интернет магазин цветов Лепестки. Будем рады новым заказам.

  • Александра16.01.2017 10:45

    Огромное спасибо. Заказывала корзинку, получилось супер, всё вовремя. И мама самое главное в восторге)))

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