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Buy a bouquet is the best way to express respect, reverence, love, passion, tenderness, and many other wonderful feelings and aspirations. Flowers serve as a unique means of expressing our thoughts and desires. In this small addition to the floral compliment, even the most modest and tiny at first glance, the accessory is able to radically change the essence of the gift. Yes, the innocent balloon turns the present into a fun treat, the chocolate hints at sweet-sweet love, and a soft bear is the key to a warm and sincere relationship. Flower online-shop "Lepestki" (flowers, delivery, Kyiv) recommends buying nice little things in addition to floral compositions that emphasize the necessary emotions and feelings.

Only our flower delivery service offers a variety of flower arrangement options: from classic bouquets of roses to the fantastic richness of exotic plants in wicker baskets and spectacular contrasting mixes of field and elite flowers. With all this diversity, we always retain the spirit of enthusiasm and originality that pervades each of our compositions. In addition to luxury bouquets and baskets, the online flower shop specializes in the sale of chocolates, soft toys, baskets of fruit and sweets, chocolates, cakes, flavors, balloons, handmade soaps, gums and even live butterflies. Our flower delivery service offers a huge collection of leaflets and mini-leaflets that will be the perfect complement to decide to buy a bouquet of flowers. You can order flowers at any time convenient for you; delivery (Kyiv) "Lepestki" will create for you a unique and magnificent composition, deliver at the right time at the right place, and also help to pick up additional elements for a gift.

Handmade soap is a refined and useful gift for the young girls and mature ladies. In a natural soap of interesting shape and color, the inherent strength of nature is what makes the skin beautiful and body care a pleasant procedure. Handmade soap can serve as a separate self-contained gift and a perfect complement to such a surprise as a bouquet of flowers. The highlight of our online store is a paradise collection of live butterflies that brings together rare specimens, down to the size of a bird, from different corners of the globe. To present an exotic live butterfly to a girl means to open her soul to her, to show her warm and good-natured relationships with her. You can buy a beautiful butterfly or designer box for a butterfly.

It´s no secret that every real girl since childhood loves chocolate. At first, it is innocent children´s fun, which later turns into a romantic and flawless dessert, saves us from sad thoughts, stresses and even depression. We invite you to buy bouquets of fresh flowers along with a sophisticated chocolate surprise: candy "Evening Kyiv", Ferrero Rosher, Truffes, Love is and tiles of elite milk and black chocolate. A nice addition to the flower bouquet will be a textile soft toy. Be it a teddy bear, a bunny, a doggie or an elephant, a toy will surely kill the heart of your beloved. The value of a gift in the form of a soft toy is that it reminds us of the most beautiful and carefree time in our childhood, when the most cherished dreams come true and dreams come true. The Petal Flower Delivery Service will help you make every day of your life and the lives of people close to you fabulously enjoyable!

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