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Buying roses is the best solution if you need flowers
In Ukraine and Kyiv, they know a lot about flowers, they love and know how to grow them, make flower arrangements and original bouquets, and form luxurious gifts from them. Modern florists do all this (compose compositions) at once, and from any flowers to order and from availability.
From time immemorial in Ukraine, in Kyiv, in other large and small settlements (the region does not matter), almost all significant events are certainly accompanied by flowers. And if a meeting with an important person is planned, a wedding celebration, a family, children's or public holiday, any competition or exhibition, concert or festival, even a sale of goods - the presence of custom-made flowers on them is considered mandatory, regardless of the time of year and the price of live and such lovely buds.
An order for flowers is a matter of course - this is customary in our country, and traditions are honored in Ukraine. Every city and in every western, eastern region, and all regions of the central region are trying to decorate their streets, squares, parks with fresh flowers as best as possible. A flower garden, a flower bed in Ukraine, in Kyiv, and even in a small village, considers it important to have every house, and even more so, a store or a company (in the latter case, the price of landscaping can be very high, because we are talking about beauty, status and flower beds, and the whole company ). No wonder Ukrainians position their homeland as a flourishing country. Of course, roses of various colors and categories are the priority in the flowerbeds - they are unconditional queens among almost all Ukrainian flowers. In Ukraine and Kyiv, a rose is the most favorite flower both in a flower bed and in a bouquet ...
But our publication is not about the flowerbeds of the city of Kyiv, region, region. Today we will tell you where to buy roses of any color in Kyiv in a bouquet is the easiest way, where to place an order at a time, without "bothering" with delivery and without overpaying the price. It turns out that after looking through the catalog and placing an order online for roses in Ukraine, in Kyiv, at the Lepestki company, you don’t have to pay for the targeted delivery of rose flowers! Delivery will almost always be free, since the price of the composition immediately includes such a service!
The online flower delivery store "Lepestki" offers roses of any color and stem height in Ukraine in a variety of design options. At the same time, their price is reasonable and justified. You can buy roses in Kyiv around the clock and all year round.
The store guarantees targeted delivery of orders in Kyiv and the region, offers author's compositions and landscaping. Experienced florists carry out the turnkey development of decor from roses of any stem height, for events of any subject. It is possible to order a large-scale basket with roses, a thematic composition, a similar bouquet of any color, in which the rose reigns, not only in Kyiv, but also in the suburbs, region.
Delivery of roses of any category is carried out by our own specialized transport service. The company is proud of the fixed price of delivery of the order (the price for delivery is calculated if it is necessary to bring the order at the exact time - once, outside the capital and district - two, during non-working hours - three).
Flowers for bouquets, arrangements are used only the freshest. Flowers are sorted constantly, the catalog on the site is updated daily. Roses (stem height from minimum to meter) are delivered to Kyiv both from local nurseries and from abroad. Prices for roses directly depend on the conditions of logistics (air, road, railway), delivery options to the city. Determined by price and grade.
The range of bouquets of roses in "Lepestki" at a reasonable price, regardless of the season, is huge. The catalog contains several hundred items. But the price from season to season is almost unchanged. It is easy and simple to pick up the best Dutch, peony, spray roses, a luxurious basket or a miniature bouquet of roses, an author's composition in a box, a chic prefabricated bouquet with roses at a reasonable price on the online shop window around the clock. In the presence of roses of various varieties, any price category of the entire color palette:
    • mother-of-pearl;
    • purple;
    • crimson;
    • cherry;
    • burgundy;
    • iridescent;
    • cream;
    • purple;
    • pink;
    • green;
    • blue;
    • yellow;
    • white;
    • blue;
    • scarlet.
Reasons to buy roses - no alternatives
A rose flower is the best choice for a name day, birthday, wedding, anniversary, finally, an order for any family or children's holiday, a colleague and a friend. Royal flowers are luxurious both in mono bouquets and in complex composite compositions. Everything is logical, the centuries-old established status of roses is universal flowers for sincere congratulations, a great compliment. From time immemorial, roses all over the world and in Ukraine, Kyiv, too, are perceived as royal flowers, personifying beauty and love, joy and best wishes.
Wedding bouquets of roses
Today in Kyiv and Ukraine, touching chamber ceremonies are in vogue, where only the first family circle and closest friends are present, and acquaintances and colleagues, as a rule, watch the celebration on the site, later on video. Under such circumstances, details come to the fore - after all, there are much fewer guests, but the newlyweds are under the closest attention. Therefore, the significance of the bride's bouquet also increases several times, which must necessarily be in harmony with the boutonniere on the groom's jacket. The flower is preferably the same around which the bride's bouquet is formed.
The most current ideas for modern wedding bouquets involve the use of roses. They are now on top among the trends of wedding fashion. The only thing is that certain rules must be observed when forming such bouquets.
The first is the maximum naturalness of the composition of roses. The stems of flowers in such bouquets should certainly be visible, because a slightly careless style is in fashion. As a result, the bouquet should seem as if the bride picked it herself in a fabulous garden.
The second is a minimum of components and decor. Florists specializing in arranging roses in Kyiv believe that silk ribbon or craft paper will be enough.
Third - only pastel shades and the priority of spray roses or peony roses in the order. A bouquet of such flowers fully meets the fashion for slight negligence, non-linearity of the composition.
A traditional custom-made wedding bouquet involves snow-white flowers or buds of delicate, pastel shades. The height of the stem for such compositions is minimal. Admire them on the Lepestki website:
    • Wedding №73;
    • Wedding No. 82;
    • Bridal bouquet No. 14;
    • Bridal bouquet No. 59;
    • Delicate bridal bouquet of roses.
If you have planned a celebration in the original style, it is more correct to place an order with delivery for the bride's bouquet in an exclusive contrasting solution. Admire these options on the Lepestki website (wedding catalogue):
    • Wedding №20;
    • Wedding №27
    • Wedding №90;
    • Wedding №93;
    • Bridal bouquet number 13.
For loved ones…
Keeping romance in a relationship is a lot of work and art. To help everyone who strives for a harmonious and happy union from the florists of the online store "Lepestki" in Kyiv, unique compositions and bouquets with a romantic mood. Making an order here is as easy as shelling pears, and the delivery of the order is guaranteed to happen right on time (we remind you that the delivery price is already included in the price). Believe me, beautiful deeds, backed up by fresh roses with delivery, can return not only the freshness of feelings, but also passion ... In particular, the latter is relevant if the height of the stem of roses is impressive! On the Lepestki website, in this virtual store, you can choose truly unique offers for ordering.
Rose hearts
Rose hearts are a sensual gift. It will be especially out of place if the feelings have cooled down a bit. Royal flowers, as a manifestation of feelings, are invariably rated at the highest level. When choosing such a gift in a store, its parameters, varietal content and the price of the goods do not play a significant role. The priority is the emotions and feelings that roses evoke - the established queens of flowers, symbols of love and fidelity. And the price of the gift fades into the background.
Particularly romantic compositions of roses in Ukraine in the store "Lepestki" in neat boxes in the shape of a heart, in which the buds are combined with sweet filling (sweets, berries, macaroons). Choose in the online store on the website (catalog "Boxes with flowers and sweets"):
    • "Strawberry happiness";
    • "Heart with a rose and Raffaello";
    • "Heart of flowers with a strawberry";
    • "Heart of white roses and strawberries";
    • "A box in the shape of a heart with macaroons" (d20cm).
If the reason for the gift is significant, and the price of the gift doesn’t matter at all, you don’t have a monetary limit, then you should think about a larger composition, again in the form of a heart. In the rose shop in Kyiv, Ukraine, you can choose:
    • "Recognition from 350 roses";
    • "1001 roses in the shape of a heart";
    • "Heart of fresh flowers" Beloved.
Of course, the prices for such chic roses, the stem height of which is impressive, will be somewhat higher and the order will cost a round sum. But it's worth it, trust me!
Roses + sweets for joy
Flower delivery in Kyiv (Ukraine, Lepestki online store) brings romantic couples and their unique solutions, in which roses coexist with all sorts of sweets and goodies. Firstly, these are compositions in which roses are combined with confectionery masterpieces. For example, before the holidays, compositions with macaroons are very popular among the residents of Kyiv:
    • "Mega-large box with rose mix and macaroons";
    • “Box with flowers and macaroons “Vernissage””;
    • "Sweet delight";
    • "Sweetness of feelings".
No less popular is the order for a combination of roses with elite sweets:
    • "Sweet gift with flowers";
    • "Box in the shape of a heart with Raffaello";
    • "Box with daffodils and Raffaello "Pink"".
Such a trend as "Fruit Baskets" is even more in demand. In the section of the online store of the same name, there is always a huge selection of useful and aesthetically perfect, and most importantly, a very practical gift for every taste. The prices are also different. It can be a laconic basket or an impressive basket of exclusively local (Kyiv, region, region) “production” of berries, fruits (“Hatbox with strawberries”, “Hatbox “Pear””) or with overseas exotics (“Fruit basket number 17 ”, “Fruit Paradise”, “Large basket“ Family ””).
Do you need a reason?
A great idea is to surprise with the breadth of the soul for absolutely no reason, delighting with the sophistication of a unique flower, the perfection of an elite bud, whatever the price! Roses are the best for this occasion. Peony roses are especially good for an unexpected surprise. Refined, aristocratic flowers, so popular in Ukraine, in addition to the perfect shape of the bud, they also have an incredible aroma that can fall in love with you from the first minute. Whatever bouquet, according to the compositional, coloristic decision, would not be chosen - "Refined elegance", "Sea of ​​u200bu200bemotions", "Dream", "Madonna" or "Royal luxury", gratitude for such an order will have no boundaries!
Roses in boxes
What kind of boxes does not offer in the form of packaging online store "Lepestki"! Square and round, with jagged edges and in the shape of a heart, finally, such fashionable polygonal boxes. And all this variety is presented in the widest color palette and in an impressive size range. There really is plenty to choose from, and therefore it is often so difficult to order specific roses in boxes. We hope that our advice on the optimal choice of roses in boxes will help you make the best order.
To whom?
Roses in fashionable hat boxes, square boxes, polygonal boxes can be given to anyone by selecting compositions in the online store by theme, color scheme, purpose.
But with heart-shaped boxes, you need to be more careful, because "heart" gifts, in which a rose dominates, in which the stem height is higher than the standard one, imply an exclusively romantic background.
For what reason?
The occasion for a bouquet in a fashionable hat box, a square box can be anything. Roses in polygonal boxes are usually ordered for anniversaries or in cases where the occasion is really significant. The choice of heart-shaped flower boxes in an online store (Kyiv, Lepestki) is traditionally recommended only if there is a romantic occasion.
Baskets with roses for anniversaries
Roses for anniversaries are exactly those flowers that emphasize the originality of the event. Of course, for baskets with roses, the most luxurious buds are selected in a considerable amount. Flowers can be of different varieties and shades, but the height of the stem is expected to be above average.
The basket is the ideal solution for packing large quantities of buds. Flowers in the basket are attached as rigidly and stably as possible. The advantage of this container is that it is convenient to give. Etiquette suggests that voluminous baskets of flowers are simply placed at the feet of the hero of the day. A small basket of flowers can be passed from hand to hand. Such a delivery option will be the only correct one if the basket, in addition to flowers, also contains any food.
Baskets with roses are an excellent choice in the online store for both women and men who celebrate their birthdays. Buy roses (Kyiv, Ukraine) - a win-win solution for the hero of the day of any age and rank!
If you believe the astrologers...
If you believe astrologers, then feel free to choose roses in the online store in any incomprehensible situation and not only, and place an order. After all, this flower has impeccable positive energy, and the price can be very affordable.
Aries and rose
The order of a rose of bright, juicy tones is recommended.
Taurus and a bouquet of roses
They will rejoice at an impressive hat box with roses of a considerable price.
Gemini and Rose
Even a modest bouquet of roses (the color can be any, as well as the price) ordered in an online store (Kyiv, Lepestki) will bring joy to the twins.
Crayfish and a bouquet of roses
Roses for crayfish should be a reflection of your feelings and nothing else. It is better if the price of roses is moderate - without a minimum and a maximum.
Lions and rose
Choose the most luxurious, elite varieties and do not spare money for large-scale compositions.
Maidens and arrangements of roses
Make sure that the color of the bouquet of roses for the Virgin turns out to be a favorite, and then they will definitely be satisfied with the gift.
Libra and rose
For Libra, the best gift will be roses with unusual exquisite additions, ordered from the online store "Lepestki" (Kyiv). The color of the roses doesn't matter.
Scorpions and bouquets of roses
Choose the brightest, most colorful and chic rose bouquets online in an unusual arrangement. Such an order in Petals (Kyiv) will bring true joy to Scorpio.
Sagittarius and rose
Bright purple or blue, finally, iridescent roses or dazzling white, Sagittarians like extraordinary colors and lush bouquets.
Capricorn and Rose
White and pastel delicate shades of roses with a generous addition of greenery are what Capricorns need.
Aquarius and bouquets of roses
The choice of a bouquet for Aquarius requires special attention, especially if a birthday gift is meant. All components are equally important here - the color of roses, and their quantity, and packaging, and price.
Pisces and rose
Pick up roses of "aquatic" shades or snow-white flowers in a package without pathos and dreamy Pisces will not make you wait with gratitude.
Order roses for mournful events
For more than 5 thousand years, people have been actively cultivating roses. They lovingly grow, cherish, give to relatives and friends, and, of course, see off with these flowers on their last journey. In the assortment of Lepestkov (Kyiv) there is a huge selection of mourning bouquets, compositions, wreaths (the price is very different) of roses. Delivery of all these items to customers is free.
Rose delivery
A bouquet of roses delivered by specialized transport is invariably fresh and beautiful. So why go to the store and then deliver the flowers to the address yourself? It is enough to place an order for flower delivery for the first time, and you will definitely appreciate all the advantages of this service and will use it in the future.
The main thing about delivery
Kyiv (Ukraine) has always been famous for a large number of flowers. Therefore, in order to organize the best delivery in Kyiv, Lepestki constantly takes care of improving the quality of all services. Flower delivery in Kyiv online store "Lepestki" carries out special transport. Ordering delivery of roses is important, as, for example, peony roses and some elite varietal counterparts are known for their tenderness. Flower delivery in Kyiv by special transport will greatly simplify life, and make the gift even more original and significant. And, most importantly, with professional delivery, flowers will always arrive at the addressee in their original form.
How to arrange delivery?
To place an order for an author's bouquet of roses with delivery on the Internet, even for the first time, is a matter of a couple of minutes, and this can be done from anywhere in the world. You only need to open the desired page of the site, find the best bouquet from the required number of flowers and place an order, indicating the address and hour of delivery of roses. The Lepestkov delivery department fulfills all orders as quickly and accurately as possible.
The most important thing about roses
What variety, shade of rose to choose for a gift, in what quantity and design to give, what decor to prefer, finally, how to place an order - it's up to you!
The main thing is to choose royal flowers only on emotions, with the appropriate mood, place the order carefully and do not refuse the delivery service. Roses should be given from the heart, with sincere words coming from the heart.
A gift certificate will be a perfect addition to a bouquet of roses. With such a practical gift, you can please the addressee not only on a birthday or anniversary, but also on any other occasion. Agree, for many other halves it is the possibility of "shopping", the choice of the best of the best goods, that delivers incredible joy.
Craving for more extra gifts? The online store "Lepestki" offers the following categories of goods for ordering:
        ◦ Fruit baskets;
        ◦ Soft toys;
        ◦ Living butterflies;
        ◦ Postcards;
        ◦ Sweets;
        ◦ Balls.
The range of goods is huge, and the prices are reasonable.
Roses are amazing flowers created by nature for joy, happiness, peace, beauty. To buy roses in Kyiv means to give incredible joy to a loved one.
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