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Today, there are many blogs and articles about what should be the bride’s bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, business bouquet and the like. You can buy flowers without any reason and preliminary preparation, and flower delivery will further facilitate this task. However, a gift takes on a different context and format if we choose flowers for the most expensive and only person on Earth & ndash; Moms Of course, as children, we know her preferences, we are moved by her taste and radiant smile. Before proceeding to the recommendations on choosing a bouquet for mom, I want to say that flowers can be bought on March 8, and Thanksgiving, and New Year, and Mother´s Day, and her birthday or anniversary.But the most important thing & ndash; this is not to forget to delight my dear and beloved mother every day for no reason and reason, just to please from a pure soul. And our creative and professional flower delivery will help you with this . Lepestki (baskets, bouquets, Kyiv).

Buy flowers for mom & ndash; no less difficult task than choosing a bridal bouquet. Therefore, we will pay maximum attention to this: our florists will tell you what flowers are traditionally appealing to mothers, what form of bouquet is better to choose, how many flowers to give to mother and how to arrange the composition. Well, if your mother has an extravagant taste and she needs a kind of exclusive little thing, flower delivery Lepestki and our bouquets (Kyiv) are at your service!

There was a stereotype that mothers are ideally suited for bouquets of tulips, chrysanthemums, sunflowers and wildflowers. Of course, these flowers & ndash; the most tender, feminine and warm. This is probably why every flower delivery recommends using them to create floral gift arrangements for moms. However, our florists are sure that you need to deviate from tradition and exclusively approach the choice of bouquet for each mother, given her age, taste and character. And here is what we say about this.It is better to buy wild flowers for mom if she & ndash; very easy to communicate and simple person, loves home life and nature. Cornflowers, daisies, sunflowers, as well as irises and gerberas are perfect in this case. For a business lady mom, give preference to elegant roses, noble lilies and feminine chrysanthemums. Such bouquets (Kyiv) emit the maximum of heat and light that your mother will need at home outside of work. Conservative and strict mothers will love the classic bouquets of white or burgundy roses without unnecessary decoration, as well as plain bouquets of persistent chrysanthemums.As a rule, such mothers respect the rules of seasonality, so get roses in the summer, chrysanthemums in the fall, and tulips in the spring & ndash; for them an impeccable, logical and reasonable gift. For an activist mom with an unusual taste and fun approach to life, buy a basket of luxurious orchids, multi-colored spray roses, a bouquet of anthurium or a stunning floral mix of elite plants. It is appropriate to give preference to the bright and stylish design of the bouquet.

Flower delivery Lepestki offers a wide range of design bouquets for mothers – from luxurious bouquets of roses, tulips, sunflowers and chrysanthemums to fantastic complex compositions of hydrangeas, peonies, orchids and brunia. Our bouquets (Kyiv) are made only of the very first-class flowers themselves, have a beautiful shape and unusual design.

As you can see, a bouquet for mom – no less important and difficult thing than a bride’s bouquet or composition for a first date. And even though mother loves us infinitely and always understands, she wants to make a perfect and stereotyped gift! Which will express our deep respect and sincere love, and she will give her unforgettable emotions and the joy that she has.

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