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Delivery of tulips is the best solution...
Buying tulips in Kyiv with delivery is objectively the best solution if your significant other, acquaintances, relatives, colleagues or friends live in the Ukrainian capital. Why? Let's discuss the benefits of flower delivery in general and tulip delivery in particular next.
Buying tulips in Kyiv with delivery means saving
Contrary to popular belief, buying tulips (Kyiv or any other city in Ukraine - it doesn’t matter) with delivery is not at all expensive. On the contrary, if you take into account the significant savings in time, nerves, effort and even fuel that you could spend by going to a store in Kyiv or the Kyiv region for flowers personally, then by placing an online order, you save a lot.
Ordering tulips (Kyiv) means choosing flowers that you really like
An ordinary, stationary flower shop often cannot boast such a wide range of varieties of tulips, roses and peonies as an online store. It's all about the space and the number of orders. So, even the most popular point of sale sells much fewer bouquets per day than the delivery service. Consequently, it is simply unprofitable for stationary shops, flower shops to order flowers of a large number of different varieties. Another thing is the online store "Lepestki" (Kyiv) - here you can really choose and place an order for tulips of various varieties, colors, sizes, and in any quantities.
Bouquets of tulips do not have to be handed in person
One of the most important reasons to buy tulips in Kyiv is the opportunity to entrust the delivery of a flower arrangement to another person - a courteous, polite and accurate professional courier. Such a decision will be justified even if you are in another city or even in another country and simply cannot personally congratulate your beloved or friend, relative. Such a decision is justified and if you are too busy for personal congratulations or for other reasons you cannot present a bouquet of tulips to the addressee on your own at the moment.
Not only tulips can be delivered...
The advantage of ordering flowers, in general, and tulips, in particular, in the Lepestki online store is that here you can place an order not only for bouquets and compositions. Here you can buy with delivery and tulips in Kyiv, and various additions to such a floral present. Yes, you can also order:
    • gift certificates;
    • postcards;
    • toys;
    • sweets and other things, other things.
And this is not all available additional gifts.
Why an order for tulips?
All the above advantages of buying flowers in the online store "Lepestki" are relevant for absolutely all compositions. However, there are several reasons in favor of buying tulips here. Here are the main ones:
    • versatility. Tulips can be given to both men and women. Moreover, the age of the addressee, his status and personal qualities are absolutely not important. In addition, a bouquet of tulips can be ordered for absolutely any occasion (Birthday, Valentine's Day, discharge from the hospital, March 8, etc.) and with absolutely any message (well-being, declaration of love, wish for a speedy recovery);
    • range. Tulips in Kyiv are represented by a large number of different varieties and colors, shades (more details - below), and therefore picking up a bouquet of these flowers for any occasion, at the right price and for any addressee is not a problem. Moreover, if you do not find a suitable composition, there is always the opportunity to make a bouquet of flowers to order according to your personal "script";
    • symbolism. The language of flowers says that the tulip, depending on the color, can have completely different symbolic meanings. More information on this subject will also be provided below;
    • durability. Nature has set aside a fairly long period of life for cut tulips. So, with proper care, the life of these flowers is from 7 days;
    • prices. Fortunately, the question of the fabulous price of tulips has not been relevant for a long time (recall, in the Middle Ages, a fortune could be paid for a bulb). Now the cost of tulips is quite affordable, especially considering that there are plantations of these flowers (albeit small ones) in our country.
What tulips to buy in Kyiv?
Kyiv is rich in tulips of various colors, sizes and varieties. In addition, tulips in Kyiv and the region can be bought in the format of traditional bouquets, fashionable hat boxes. Tulips are also sold in beautiful baskets. Given such a wide range of such flower "products", it is not at all difficult to get confused in the process of choosing the perfect composition. To prevent this from happening - the following is useful information for you.
Bouquets of tulips - for adherents of the classics
If you are planning to congratulate the adherent of classical solutions with tulips in everything, give preference to the traditional bouquet. By the way, bouquets of flowers are usually also an ideal option if they are supposed to be given to a man.
Modern floristic Kyiv offers classic bouquets of flowers in the following packaging options:
    • paper (including parchment);
    • grid;
    • film.
Recall that it is necessary to give a bouquet of flowers, holding it in your left hand. At the same time, the right one should be left free for hugs, handshakes, or for a beautiful gesture - a kiss on the hand.
Basket with tulips - if you need to impress
Tulips in a basket (in combination with other flowers or in a "solo" version) usually look very, very impressive, solid. Therefore, if you need to impress your chosen one or effectively congratulate a dear person on the anniversary, there is simply no better option.
A basket of flowers usually doesn't just look chic. The basket is often also very heavy, massive. Therefore, such a composition is usually not handed over (with the exception of small baskets). A large basket should be placed at the feet of the addressee - nothing else. By the way, this presentation option also looks very impressive from the outside.
Tulips in boxes - for fashionistas
If you congratulate on your birthday or March 8, confess your sympathy or just cheer up you want a fashionista, you need to buy only tulips in a box. Such compositions are an absolute hit of the last decade, which is clearly seen in the social networks of stylish divas.
As for how to properly present such flowers, everything here is determined by the size of the box. Small boxes should be passed from hand to hand, large, voluminous ones should be placed at the feet.
Tulip color: what can it be?
You can buy tulips in Kyiv today in the following colors:
    • red;
    • yellow
    • pink;
    • white;
    • burgundy;
    • violet;
    • blue;
    • the black;
    • green.
And this, we note, is not all the colors available today. In addition, the floristic market is rich in two- and three-color tulips.
Next, we’ll talk in more detail about who and for what reasons should give tulips of a certain color.
red tulips
Red color in the floristic world always symbolizes love, passionate passion. Therefore, if you need a bouquet or a basket for a declaration of love (the first or the next - it doesn’t matter), choose scarlet tulips.
Yellow tulips
If all over the world it is customary to wish material well-being with bouquets of yellow tulips, to express admiration for the smile of the recipient, then in our country everything is a little different. Yellow tulips in Kyiv, with the filing of one famous song, are considered symbols of separation. However, in view of the recent popularity of patriotic yellow-blue bouquets, you can safely forget about the latter meaning. Let us in the future associate these beautiful flowers exclusively with fertile wheat fields, generous Ukrainian nature and prosperity and abundance.
pink tulips
If red tulips symbolize love, passion, then pink ones express more tender feelings: sympathy, brotherly and sisterly love, love for a friend. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to just such tulips if you want to express one of the above feelings.
white tulips
White tulips traditionally symbolize purity, innocence of thoughts and feelings. Therefore, if you want to express feelings of pure, sincere friendship, love or sympathy, you should give preference to white tulips. By the way, it is with the use of white tulips that it is customary to collect bouquets for men, mind you.
burgundy tulips
Tulips of such a deep, noble, saturated color are usually congratulated on various memorable dates by experienced ladies and gentlemen.
purple tulips
The most mystical, secret, cosmic tulips in Kyiv are undoubtedly purple. Therefore, if you want to present flowers to an extraordinary, deep, non-trivial personality of any gender, it is worth choosing a bouquet with similar tulips.
blue tulips
The blue tulip is perfect for creating such popular patriotic bouquets today. However, they look extremely impressive in mono-bouquets, as well as in prefabricated compositions in combination with white, pale pink buds (one of the most popular flower products today). The first option is well suited for congratulating men, the second - as a gift for ladies.
black tulips
The black tulip looks very impressive, unusual, grotesque. Therefore, the choice of such flowers is justified for those who are able to appreciate the unusual beauty of these plants at their true worth. The undoubted advantage of a black tulip is that it is suitable for creating men's bouquets. In addition, mourning bouquets are created using such flowers. Works of such a plan can be viewed in the appropriate category (their delivery to the city of Kyiv and the region is free).
green tulips
Perhaps these are the most unusual, most spectacular tulips in Kyiv, presented today for sale among floristic products. The choice of such flowers to order is relevant for people who appreciate natural, natural beauty, as well as for those who closely follow fashion. This is because it is with the creation of such buds that today they collect the most fashionable, most stylish bouquets in Kyiv and the region.
The choice of a bouquet with variegated, multi-colored tulips is relevant when you want to cheer up the recipient, wish you a speedy recovery. At the same time, keep in mind that the more iridescent and saturated in color the flowers of the selected bouquet will be, the more vivid the effect of the flower present brought to your home or office will be. If you are interested in bouquets of flowers with multi-colored tulips, but more restrained, concise, give preference to compositions with buds, which are characterized by a smooth transition from pink, red or blue, purple to white.
Terry or classic
Delivery of tulips with classic smooth and double petals is available in Kyiv. Which option to choose? It all depends on the desired effect. So, tulips with smooth edges of the petals usually look more restrained, neat. If you want lush, voluminous flowers, then terry tulips are definitely more suitable. In other words, tulips with smooth petals are more suitable for a small neat bouquet, and terry ones are more suitable for voluminous, chic compositions with delivery. Although this, of course, is not a rule, but rather a recommendation that you can use when placing an order for the delivery of a bouquet with tulips.
The number of tulips in the bouquet is also important
A lot of questions from customers also arise regarding how to choose the right bouquet with tulips in terms of the number of “heads” of flowers in the last one. We have some useful information for you in this regard. To begin with, we hasten to remind you that in our country the order of such specific goods as a bouquet of flowers consisting of an even number of “flower heads” is not accepted.
1 tulip
It is not customary to give one tulip. Even the most chic bud will look too modest, mind you.
3 tulips
The modesty of a bouquet with 3 tulips allows you to give it only in case of a not very important occasion. Since the composition will look quite concise, it can be presented, for example, just like that to a girl you know or a girl from work just to cheer her up.
5 tulips
At the moment, a large number of different companies operate in Kyiv. And, of course, all employees of these enterprises should be congratulated on March 8, as well as professional dates. A bouquet including 5 tulips is just right for this occasion. At the same time, its delivery in Kyiv (city and suburbs) will often be absolutely free.
7 tulips
Seven in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities is traditionally a wish for good luck. And therefore, if you want to give a composition to a girlfriend or friend, sister, colleague with a similar wish, bring luck to someone's house, choose the option with seven buds.
9 tulips
Bouquets with 9 tulips are good for a first date. They can also be ordered in Kyiv (the cost of delivery in "Lepestki" is included in the price of the composition in advance) for a work colleague known in honor of his birthday, professional holiday, March 8th.
11 tulips
"1 + 1" - all bouquets with eleven buds have just such a symbolic meaning. It is customary to give them to beloved ladies in honor of a particular personal date. Suitable occasions for such a gift would be Valentine's Day. By the way, if it is necessary to deliver flowers on one or another generally celebrated date, it is better to order flowers in Kyiv (city and suburbs) in advance.
13 or more tulips
Compositions of so many tulips are good for almost any occasion and addressee. The main thing is to choose the right color solution for the flower ensemble and, of course, choose the right words.
25, 30, 50, 75 tulips
Great for a gift to your loved one for any occasion. In addition, it is customary to order compositions with so many flowers in Kyiv in honor of the corresponding anniversaries for mothers, sisters, and close friends.
101 tulip
If you have committed a serious misconduct or want to confess your love, and in such a way as to hear “I love you too”, you should place an order for just such a number of tulips. In addition, if you decide to make an offer to your beloved and want to get a positive answer to your secret question, also order exactly this number of flowers with delivery in Kyiv. This option will be especially appropriate if the favorite flower of your chosen one is a tulip.
When ordering from 25 tulips...
There is a very important point that should be taken into account by everyone who is going to order a bouquet or a basket, a box with 25 and a lot of tulips (Kyiv and suburbs). It's about delivery. So, in all these cases, you need professional delivery more than ever. Only she - delivery (Kyiv: the city itself and the suburbs) from the salon "Lepestki" by specialized transport, guarantees that the addressee will receive the masterpiece you have chosen in its spectacular original form. In the case of self-transportation (delivery by personal transport), unfortunately, no one can guarantee you that the delicate flowers will reach the place of delivery undamaged.


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