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the balloon – exciting surprise item and create a festive atmosphere of any celebration. As a child, we admire him a shy beauty and a cheerful disposition, formed of balls of the whole bunch and intricate toys for their family and friends. And later we´re in a hurry instead of childish pranks for mom or other halves to buy flowers. Although the bouquet on the order is always important messengers of happiness and fun balloons in our lives is clearly not enough. No matter what the age specified in the passport, we are always young at heart. Each of us lives a child, who at times wakes up and wants miracles. For this reason, the flower shop (Kyiv) Lepestki pays a special attention to this unusual and touchingly childish gift, like a balloon. A touch of carefree childhood, the affection of rainbow colors – when a ball is simply impossible not to get a radiant smile and a train of pleasant memories.

Today, the balloon – a mandatory attribute of any event in any format – and birthday and New Year, corporate -  the same can not do without this simple element, festive atmosphere. Buy flowers and bulbs – already half of the success of the forthcoming event. The creators of fun and good mood, otherwise the balls just will not name. But have You ever thought over what a long and thorny path have passed the balloons to appear before us in its present form? The first scientific experiment conducted by Michael Faraday, filling in those days rubber gas bags. An interesting experiment was a success – the so-called prototypes of the balloons began to rise. The idea was picked up by other scientists began to develop. After the rubber began to use latex, but this material did not differ durability – beads quickly burst.  

Finally, the experimenters found what I was looking for – durable and flexible material, which can be used to create amazing and sometimes the most bizarre. Scientists have taken care about the internal filling of a flying miracle. Filling balloons with helium, was a real revolution “air” industry, giving them the opportunity to fly under the heavens. From now on, helium balloons – these accompany each celebration, colorful, light and carefree. Using helium balloons to create impeccable wedding ceremonies, many interesting children and adult contests, magic tricks and quizzes.

Modern a balloon filled with helium – a real work of art. It is nothing like the simple toys of our childhood. Different shape and colors give the beads great power of expression. Particularly eloquent helium creation in love Affairs, they are simply created in order to speak the language of love and to help people connect with their hearts. Flower shop (Kyiv) Lepestki has created a magnificent collection of helium gifts for You and Your family – children, girls, wives, parents and friends. We always offer to buy flowers in the bouquet with helium balloon heart (model "I Love You", the “Heart”, “rose”, a large helium balloon "I love you"…) a Perfect gift for those who want to confess in love, to Express their delight and reverent attitude. Flowers to order radiate enchanting emotions, being presented with inimitable Sunny yellow balloon "Smile"! If You want to give a loved one or your friend a warm slice of playful childhood, please contact the online flower shop (Kyiv) Lepestki – we will help You to make the right choice!

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  • Лепестки 13.08.2018 14:26

    Спасибо, Ника, за оставленный Вами отзыв. Рады. что и Вы и Ваш брат доволен сюрпризом.

  • Ника12.08.2018 14:57

    Хотела сказать большое спасибо за быструю доставку! Заказывала брату на День рождения 7 августа, 2018 года открытку и 3 шарика из фольги. Заказала буквально за сутки. Все быстро организовали и брат остался очень доволен. Буду у вас теперь заказывать подарки родным!:))))

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