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Today, almost no event is complete without a necessary attribute as flowers – this can be the classic bouquet, an alternative basket of plants, composition of flowers and decorative elements, flowers in a box. Special attention deserves the last gift, because the culture of giving flowers in elegant boxes are gaining huge popularity. Like flowers in the hat boxes and that is such a wonderful accessory? In these and many other questions to You today will help you to understand the shop flowers and gifts Petals(Kyiv, flowers delivery).

the hatbox - it´s a funny thing, which came to us from the past, when intricate and sometimes fantastic headgear was the peak of fashion and was decorated with women´s wardrobe. In those days, the box performed a very simple yet important function – provide safety headgear. Today it is a stylish accessory, the use of which went far beyond the hat industry.  the Designers worked on the shape and appearance of the box, gave her the original design – and this subject became a favorite of modern Floristics and not only. In hat boxes, placed all kinds of household appliances, from jewelry to pencils. First You can buy a bouquet in a box, and then put her favorite stuffed toy, cosmetic, gift certificate and other things that You only tell a fantasy. They fit beautiful fabric, genuine leather, sheathe rhinestones and natural stones. You can even choose to experiment by creating a box of your dreams!

to Buy a bouquet in a box – a pleasure, because the box is a stylish element of the interior. Flowers in the hat boxes have many advantages over ordinary compositions. First, You don´t need to think about the WHA and how the transportation of flowers to the person You want to make a gift. With this function admirably box and the flowers in the box are custom bouquet!Besides, if the gift will be awarded in a restaurant or other public place, the recipient will not be puzzled where to get a vase for the floral gift and how to take flowers home in one piece. Flowers in the hat boxes do not require special and extra care, they are perfectly stored for a long time (the box is designed to prevent excessive evaporation of moisture). So the colors in the box – this is one of the most important trends of the elite of floristry.

Our online flower shop Petals (Kyiv, flowers delivery)offers the customers to purchase flowers in elegant and stylish festive box, which will decorate the interior and will not dissolve into infinity like a bouquet. When the recipient of the gift holds the original and colorful hatbox, he is pleasantly surprised, amazed and even puzzled, as in such remarkable subject has placed the most real, alive and fragrant, flowers. We offer to purchase flowers in the hat boxes of the most beautiful and luxury – of course, we are talking about the inimitable rose! Major Dutch Burgundy roses, raspberry pink spray roses - gentle-tender, red roses El Toro, white, coral, cherry and mauve… a Rich and luxurious collection luxury roses at Your service, we will help You to choose colors for a refined and the most appropriate status box. For fans of spring flowers we offer a gorgeous hatbox of twenty-five tulips with greenery! Elegance, beauty, stylish color palette and design – shop flowers Petals will allow You to give the most original gift!

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  • Рита 16.11.2020 12:46

    Благодарю за прекрасную коробку цветов. Радует видом весь офис уже почти вторую неделю. Розы в коробке потрясающие.

  • Лепестки12.03.2019 12:25

    Дякуємо, Антон, за те що замовили в нас квіти.

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