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New Year and Christmas holidays – is one of the most beloved and long-awaited holidays that each of us are looking with due attention and responsibility. They symbolize a new stage in life, summarize the results for the period, illuminate the road to the future with hope and love. So for us it is especially important to congratulate your loved ones at this magical time, filling their world with pleasant emotions and proving your feelings. And here we come to the aid of old and good friends – flower shops, floral studios, and workshops, delivery of flowers and gifts. With such a modern service can be very easy to buy a gift, and not one – for every taste and budget. Flower shopping is save our time, allowing in record time to get a lot of useful and beautiful gifts. Christmas gift baskets, Christmas gift boxes with all sorts of content and fun themed decor – You can buy any Christmas songs, in Kyiv no limit. In just a few clicks You can buy any song from the catalog on the website, pay a convenient way for You – a card, electronic money, cash. Most often You can even build your own gift as a picture of the puzzle, adding a drink or sweets of the recipient.

Our Internet shop of flowers and gifts Petals (Christmas songs, Kyiv) on the eve of New Year has prepared for You and Your family a vast collection of gifts. We offer to Your attention a Christmas gift basket with enchanting décor, filled with exotic “winter” fruit, chocolate drinks, alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea. Everything you need for a romantic evening, a warm get-togethers with family or friends, is inside a lovely wicker basket, made of natural materials. As a rule, this basket has a unique winter decor in the form of cotton imitating snow flakes, pine cones, sprigs of pine needles, rain, and sparkles. Bright bows and ribbons add a note of solemnity in the Christmas gift baskets.  

the Next type of gift that keeps pace with modernity, is a Christmas gift box. Such compositions are made in a wide range of colors and sometimes have the most unusual shape – for example, the heart is oval or square/rectangle. The box can be made of cardboard or solid materials. What could be in this box? Yes, anything: flowers, candy, chocolate, pine needles, decorations. But one item is almost a must – macaroons or ginger biscuits (gingerbread). Located inside the magic box oasis allows the flowers to retain their freshness – and this is their little secret! Flowers, mostly beautiful spray roses, elite varietal roses from Holland, chrysanthemums, Alstroemeria and orchids are woven into a magic carpet, which impresses with its splendor and bright colors. Christmas gift boxes in most cases are completed with a sweet compliment to gingerbread – a true winter cookie with excellent taste, and their histories. Often our florists and designers are placed in a box macaroons, especially for corporate gifts and Souvenirs. Miniature soft toy with symbols of the New Year will only strengthen the impression of a gift!

Thus, in our holiday catalogue Christmas songs (Kyiv, Petals), which are ideal for presenting a wonderful winter holidays or the day before. Add the warm wishes, verbally or in a card, a bouquet of flowers on a festive date, just a sincere and warm words. This is the most important and easiest thing You can do for loved ones! To the New Year shone with bright colors, love and support of those to whom they are attracted.  

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