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You have already chosen the most suitable gift for family members and loved ones? As it turned out, with all the diversity, which today offers Kyiv to make a choice is not so simple. It is important not to forget anyone and to consider the tastes and interests of each, and that´s hard enough. In addition, no one is immune from what would seem an expensive and beautiful gift will not be appreciated. Each person has their own idea of values, so for some even the simplest trinket, made with your own hands, will be more expensive and closer to the heart than a diamond necklace.

Our online store provides a great opportunity to choose any Christmas a set of gifts that is truly versatile. On the one hand it has an original exterior design, which gives it a brilliance and a sense  of the holiday. In addition, such Christmas gift baskets is the perfect present for men and women of all ages and positions. So if You still haven´t decided what you want to give to your beloved or colleague, our gift set for the New Year will be the best solution.

the hallmark of our products is that each composition was prepared by professional designers who know how to turn Your life into a truly memorable celebration. In addition, You will be able to buy flowers for the New Year and to congratulate a loved one, even while several thousand miles away. For this You don´t even need to go to Kyiv. You do not need to spend much time to order Christmas gifts. Kyiv often requires our full dedication and takes every spare second. However, using the services of our online store, You will be able to book Christmas a set of gifts or to buy flowers for the New Year in a few minutes. You don´t even have to leave your home or office.

As a rule, new year gift baskets filled with various items. It could be a bottle of champagne or cognac, soft toys, flowers or even fruits. In addition, they are decorated with additional elements to give Your gift a unique and festive look. This decision is sure to be appreciated and show that You really tried. This gift set for the New Year will appeal to all without exception, and it will become the highlight of the program.

Despite the fact that Kyiv is able to offer a wide variety of Souvenirs, jewelry and ornaments as a gift, you always want to present something original and unusual. Our store offers the most original and unique solution that combines the beauty, the sense of celebration and practicality. After all, almost everything that is in the basket, you can offer guests or to put on a festive table.

If you really want to surprise and please your loved ones people then You definitely need to visit our online shop and order your Christmas gifts. Kyiv has seen a lot of pomp and circumstance and celebrations new year´s party. However, with this gift You can bring extra flavor and to give to loved ones a huge amount of positive emotions. Such an act is sure to be appreciated. Our professional florists and designers have vast experience and higher skill level. It allows them to create incredible masterpieces that can surprise even the most demanding and discerning customer. 

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  • Людмила 25.12.2019 19:54

    Щиро дякуємо флористам за чудові Новорічні композиції, це свято з першого погляду!!!!! Сервіс на найвищому рівні!!! Квіткові композиції найрізноманітніші!!!! Дякую ,,Лепестки,, за свято у нашій родині!!!))

  • Нина "Мед Альянс"06.12.2012 18:50

    Есть установка весело встретить новый год! Ну как тут без Лепестков !))) посмотрите какие новогодние композиции нам предлагает сайт Лепестки Киев Юа, ну просто 100% - но и удовлетворение наших новогодние пожеланий к корпоративному подарку! Ведь новогодние подарки от группы компаний Лепестки и красивы и практичны, не говоря уже о том что цены действительно новогодние - хочешь много и недорого - тебе именно сюда !!! Спасибо интернет магазину за прекрасное новогоднее предложение!

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