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rose of England won the world podium in 1983. And since that time them belongs to the palm at all the famous and most prestigious flower shows and competitions. Today to buy a luxury bouquet of roses – it certainly means to enjoy the famous rose breeder David Austin, author of unique new varieties of roses, created on the basis of the favorite old English roses. Elite bouquets of roses David Austin is considerably different from the classical compositions of hybrid tea roses and have a number of significant advantages. It is for this reason Austin roses have become the favorites of modern Floristics and perfect material to create a fancy and incredibly romantic bouquets. Same   I want to buy a bouquet of roses for a loved one!

And now our online colors will tell You interesting facts about this extraordinary rose, who received our country´s middle name is peony. Many even confuse luxury large buds of English lavender with fragrant peonies. What kind of fruit is this mysterious and legendary English rose? First of all, you should pay attention to the structure of the Bud and the peculiarities of its disclosure. We offer a wide array of features rose buds with lots of delicate Lepestki, which begin to bloom after delivery. Thus, Austin rose is a textured multi-leaf bowl-shaped flower. The characteristic length of the stem – forty, fifty and sixty inches, which allows you to create from plants high luxury bouquets of roses. Another interesting point – the presence of the outer protective Lepestki, which protect against damage to the vulnerable and delicate inner Lepestki. Among the English roses there are even varieties, which are the protective Lepestki get original green tint.The special charm of the plant adds wonderful flavor (there are as varieties with strong pronounced vanilla and fruity, and less fragrant flowers). But the main advantage, which has a bouquet of roses this variety is a wide palette of magical colors of the Lepestki.Elite bouquets of roses are rich crimson-red, creamy-white lace, pink, lilac and greenish buds. Some varieties have two-tone color – for example, the legendary rose David Austin Miranda, who received the reputation for luxury garden flower. Her luxurious and wavy lace Lepestki have a nice delicate pink color with a green tint on the outer edges, forming an intricate border.

flowers delivery Lepestki offers you exclusive flower arrangements of roses, David Austin, have a luxurious volume of the original and competent floral design. You can buy a bouquet of roses in his noble and elegant alone, or you can order a bouquet of roses combined with exotic orchids, roses, hydrangeas majestic, gentle automati, Brunei, peonies and even a romantic lilac. To order roses in an elegant wicker basket, made of natural material, and also the bouquet with luxury decoration of all kinds of ribbons, bows, high quality floral paper, and additional floral accessories. Lush and fragrant bouquet of roses is the perfect gift for the beloved woman, mother, colleague, business partner, and also on Birthday, anniversary, a big deal and just significant for You and Your beloved date. Elite bouquets of roses David Austin are indispensable in professional wedding floristry – with the help of them the specialists create a unique sensual images.

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