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Peonies – beautiful flowers with a rich history and various legends that envelop their origin. It is believed that they came to us from China. However, today we know a lot of European myths and stories, which speak about the peonies. For example, he was very well known to the inhabitants of Ancient Greece. There he symbolizes health and longevity. The name of the flower suggests that in addition to its beauty, it also possesses healing properties, which for centuries was considered miraculous. Some people believed that peonies will help them to drive out evil demons and spirits. Today, these properties of the flower was somewhat forgotten. However, its beauty and originality continues to attract all connoisseurs. In this regard, the Internet flower shop Lepestki offers a wide selection of different compositions, which are based on exactly the peonies. The variety of bouquets is very rich. Here you can find traditional songs, and original works of our florists, which few people can remain indifferent. So if you want to choose the most beautiful bouquet of peonies for my girlfriend as a gift, a better place than our shop, you just can´t find. Affordable prices give you the opportunity to buy a bouquet to all without exception. Any buyer can find a suitable option according to your budget. Free flower delivery Kyiv will not be superfluous.

According to some historical data, the peony appeared on our earth over 2000 years ago. During this time, for many, this flower has become a favorite. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that today it is incredibly relevant. Its main feature is that it is great for any occasion. In other words, it can be safely give to friends or colleagues. At the same time, it will become a nice and original present for your girlfriend. There is nothing wrong with a bouquet of peonies unfamiliar people. He does not carry Intrusive or vulgar overtones. Even, on the contrary, through this composition, you will be able to wish the birthday boy sound health and long life. In this case, the best place for gift selection will be the online flower shop Lepestki. Take a look at the variety of bouquets. It will impress even the most discerning clients looking for unusual and original ideas. Our florists are able to surprise everyone. While you can buy a bouquet at a reasonable price. This purchase will afford each of our visitors. But this is good news for our visitors is not the end.If you also need flower delivery Kyiv, you can always use it when placing an order. A nice addition will be the absence of any fee for this service. Our couriers will deliver your order for free. You will no longer have to think about which gift to choose for your friends and relatives. The Lepestki store and its professional florists will take care of this.

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  • Лепестки 28.01.2019 11:53

    Спасибо, Екатерина, за Ваш заказ и за доверие нашему интернет магазину.

  • Екатерина28.01.2019 10:39

    Добрый день! Хочу выразить свою благодарность сотрудникам магазина. Букет заказывала из Москвы из цветов которые сейчас трудно достать "ПИОНЫ", цветы в живую не выбирала все делали сотрудники магазина,цветы доставили быстро и собрали отличный букет.Получатель был доволен. Спасибо большое.

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