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When approaching a celebration or just an important event in Your life, does not remain anything, except the burning desire to buy a bouquet. Kyiv, among other things, provides unlimited possibilities for that. You just need to want to give your family and friends fun, and a team of professionals or so called company for the delivery of flowers will professionally do their job. We can offer fashionable songs for every taste and bouquet, among them – the original vertical bouquets, these designer bouquets, lush mono composition, interesting texture and color floral ensembles. But all this rich collection, some of the exhibits which are placed in this section on the website, share one thing in common: somehow, their composition is eustoma. Unique and invaluable for flower arranging plant that deeply respects each company for the delivery of flowers. Which, as you quite rightly think, are simply created in order to generate intricate and incredibly feminine designer bouquets.

We offer You to buy a bouquet (Kyiv, Petals), in which the eustoma has a primary role or have come into romantic contact with other representatives of the flora. In the first case, Your eyes will be conquered by self-sufficient, expressive and sensual solo compositions. For example, very tastefully formed bouquet of twenty-seven purple eustomas with greenery, its natural beauty just captivates from the first seconds of meeting them. The composition of the eleven white eustomas will always look fascinating, touching, romantic and sincere. But go ahead – just a fantastic success and wide popularity among our clients has won a unique design lots of colors high-quality elite with the presence of fresh cut eustoma. For example, You can pre-order from our operators and come with a beautiful and mysterious name of "Atlantis" of Bush delphinium, red roses and spray roses, eustomas and Polubarinova iris. Eustoma and generally goes well with other spring and summer garden. Our company for the delivery of flowers appreciates the benefits of white floral, lilac, pale pink and purple bells, decorating the already colorful and bouquets. Irish rose or vyigrashno looks pretty in the bouquet. Joining the Duo with a noble Calla lilies and sweet freesia, eustoma in no way lose these plants. Eustoma is capable of forming bouquets of any complexity and shapes – it allows you to create bunches of round, oblong and original cascade form. Spherical bouquet can be handed to a colleague and friend length, vertical – the man, well, emerald greens, berries and other living decor is never superfluous! The conventional meaning of the flower of lisianthius is the charm, joy, friendship. Therefore, the flowers magic roses (as it is called by many) will be a wonderful and festive gift for birthday, Valentine´s Day, March 8, and just a hot and romantic date. Not only the appearance, the symbolism of the bouquet of red roses is conducive to conversation. For this reason our company flower delivery recommends that You discover the world of amazing and very attractive Irish rose –eustoma.  You will never regret your spontaneous or well-thought-out decision to buy a bouquet (Kyiv, Petals)! Our designer bouquets leave an indelible mark on the soul, which is  filled with love, passion and timid tenderness.


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