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When autumn comes into its own and begins to judge the nature, it´s time to surrender to the romantic mood and create autumn flowers. For our parents, children, colleagues, friends — is an essential attribute of love and attention. It is simply indecent to take advantage of the wealth of colour which we generously presents fall — maroon, scarlet, malachite, yellow, gold. However, creating autumn flowers, master floral ready to say goodbye to humdrum reality and on the brink of fantasy. Take a look around — how delightfully painted in Kyiv, as if someone had thought through every stroke on the canvas. Try to convey this magic palette to your own interpretation, to sign feelings and emotions in a wonderful autumn composition. You can start with the original bouquet of colorful leaves, pine cones and green pine needles, which will be an interesting experience for Your child.

Another way to enjoy autumn and to extend its dominance in his home — to buy a bouquet what You will help Lepestki, flower shop in Kyiv. You can make a choice of flower products in our shop, which shows autumn flowers in a wide range for every taste and budget. So what will be Your charming bouquet? We remind that the current trend in 2014 is the use of songs in the autumn yellowing of leaves (of different colors), Queen of rose flowers (preferably lemon, peach or orange), yellow and green chrysanthemums, Amaryllis, dahlias and, of course, colorful Hypericum in any variations. Oddly enough, fashionable colors autumn mosaic is considered to be purple – it is the color of the ink autumn nights of coolness, calmness and nobility. Luxurious looks at an arrangement of purple asters, dahlias, bright red carnations and disheveled greenery, which gives the bouquet a kind of negligence. For those who wish to fall flower surprise from home, operates an online ordering and delivery bouquets.

this year especially popular contrasting bouquets, which delightfully blends the greens of summer with autumn ruby and gold, you can quetiapine of yellow chrysanthemums, white asters, Hypericum, orange leaves, Pittosporum. Not only the yellow-green contrast in fashion now – feel free to combine any bright colors with a dark, e.g., place yellow shrub roses in one space with purple asters and delicate Calla lilies. Will not a bouquet, a feast for the eyes! A wonderful reminder of Golden autumn in the box will be an elegant basket of sunflowers in the lush greenery or a bunch of milozvucno name "Autumn day", which includes chrysanthemums, cones and bunches of viburnum.

Lepestki – a flower shop, which is available free and timely delivery of bouquets, professional advice florists, master-classes on creation of autumn bouquets. We will teach You how to use dried flowers, leaves, fir cones and autumn berries for decoration seasonal flowers, give them a autumn charm and sensuality. Stay tuned!

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