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The ritual tradition of parting with a dead person appeared in time immemorial. Today it is inextricably linked with such a direction as ritual floristry – fresh flowers have become an indispensable attribute of a funeral, funeral dinner, decoration of the hall of the ceremony. Each person brings a mourning bouquet, lays a mourning wreath or a ritual basket of flowers at the grave. Such a floristic product as a funeral wreath accompanies any funeral by chance. It is believed that a wreath of fresh flowers escorts the soul of the deceased to another world, full of peace, peace and light. Why natural flowers? Because the delicate and vulnerable Lepestki of fading flowers, ritual floristry is associated with the transience and completeness of human life. 

Today we’ll talk about how to choose the funeral wreath: which color to prefer, which flowers to choose and, finally, what type of wreath is better to buy for a funeral event. Color is of great importance for the ritual composition, as it symbolizes the life path of the deceased, his character and feelings for him by a person laying a mourning bouquet or composition. In all mourning flower products, green is mandatory – it means the eternal memory of a person in the hearts of loved ones. If you know that the deceased had a difficult and challenging fate, it is appropriate to order a funeral wreath mainly of red flowers, pink or raspberry flowers. Snow-white Lepestki in a wreath speak of a rich spiritual world, high morality and purity.

Delivery of mourning flowers Lepestki offers the manufacture of a mourning wreath of various flowers and their combinations with each other and with greenery. We can use large varietal roses (Freedom, Wendella, Grand Prix, etc.), fluffy gerberas, lilies, colorful calla lilies, orchids (Cymbidium, Dendrobium), anthurium, etc. An abundant presence of greenery in the wreath is required.– sprigs of needles, willows  - they symbolize eternal life and resurrection. When choosing flowers, it is better to focus on the taste of the deceased person or order flowers, carefully studying their symbolism and meaning. So you can maximally convey your emotional state and feelings. Each wreath can look completely different depending on the richness of the color palette, the choice of plants, their density and floral decor. Our mourning flower delivery offers various options for luxurious mourning compositions, from classic to exclusive wreaths: European-style wreaths, colorful compositions in patriotic colors, and many others. If you want to move away from universalism and order an unusual funeral bouquet or wreath, our florists are ready to listen to all your wishes and create a floral masterpiece that will accompany this person and adorn this particular ceremony. One-of-a-kind funeral wreath.

In our online flower shop, there is such a direction as ritual floristry. We can offer you various types of wreaths.– ring-shaped, heart, tombstones, on a stand.  Classical wreaths in the form of a vicious circle symbolize eternal life, help people express their grief, respect for the deceased and condolences to his family. A wreath in the form of a flower heart looks very beautiful and touching, and also expresses infinite love. At farewell and funeral ceremonies, classic wreaths of freshly cut flowers on a stand are necessarily used. If you want to lay the composition on the grave of the deceased, order a small mourning bouquet, basket or tombstone made of elite flowers.


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    Люди рождаются и люди умирают, если в первой ситуации это праздник и масса радости то во второй человек заслуживает на нормальные почести - что зачастую выражается отношением родственников и друзей к трауру и скорби близких в связи с уходом их родного человека, в этот период много не так и не то ... Но нужно с достоинством пройти этой период и конечно очень хорошо, когда существуют такие компании как Лепестки, которые предоставляют достойные услуги по созданию траурных венков, мы привыкли что все ритуальные венки это "серые творения", которые продают на берковцах, но покупая там это убожество мы не отдаем должным образом последние почести умершему человеку - мы ставим галочку - ну типа отбыли и ладно.... но мы же этого не делаем когда человек родился ... Я благодарен интернет магазину лепестки за их вклад в создание ритуальных венков, они своим трудом делают для многих из нас такие ситуации более "комфортными" что в свою очередь делает нас людьми, а не существами которым нужно "отбыть и забыть".

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