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There is nothing more enjoyable than receiving flowers as a gift. However, modern floristry does not stand still and is constantly evolving, along with it and our florists are finding new knowledge and technology of composing all kinds of compositions. As a result, we want to offer you such original gifts as a basket of flowers and a basket of fruit. Each of them has a unique and original style. This will allow you to buy a basket of flowers that is great for any event. This gift can be presented not only to relatives and relatives, but also to colleagues on work or superiors. They are also given to business partners. We also have a fruit delivery and flower delivery service available on our site. Kyiv is known for all the professional florists who can create real masterpieces of fresh flowers. All of them are presented in our catalog. Choose your favorite composition and give joy to those who love you.

In order to create unique and unique baskets of fresh flowers, our florists use special technology. This allows them to be diverse. This makes them different from traditional bouquets because they can use a variety of additional decor elements. However, if you decide to buy a basket of flowers on our site, you can be sure that it will last a very long time and will retain its original freshness. This is made possible by the fact that when creating the composition uses a special floral sponge that fits into the bottom of the basket. As a result, the flowers can feed on moisture for a long time and delight the beauty of all others.

The Lepestki Studio has prepared for you different baskets that can be a decoration for any holiday. A wide range will allow everyone to choose the best option for a particular holiday. At the same time, such a gift as a basket of fruits can be given without any excuse. We tried to make the ordering process as convenient and fast as possible. For this we have free delivery of fruits. Kyiv flower delivery service offers its residents a huge selection of different souvenirs and gifts. However, nothing pleases a person more than living flowers. It always has been. At all times, people have been giving beautiful flowers to share their feelings. Here today our flower shop gives you the opportunity to touch the beautiful world of flowers and share it with those who love you. With our help you will be able to congratulate your family and friends on your anniversary, wedding, birthday or professional holiday. All you need to do is visit our site and get acquainted with a wide range of compositions. Each composed with love, florists invest in them their heart and soul. As a result, you can enjoy the results of their work. Each work will bring a lot of joy and positive emotions. Your smile is a major reward for us!

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  • Лепестки 13.11.2018 12:58

    Спасибо, Михаил! Будем Вам рады!

  • Михаил03.12.2012 20:06

    Очень интересные новогодние подарочные корзины представлены у вас. Есть из чего выбрать. Обращусь при случаи.

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